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Haven Editorial: Desucon 2017

Haven Editorial: Desucon 2017

Desucon is the biggest and longest running cosplay convention in Norway. It’s been around for at least a decade by this point. Which is fantastic achievement on its own and does the cosplay community a great service. However size has it’s own price. However it is not my place to speculate about the chaotic nightmare of logistics and people management. 

I came to Desucon to take pictures of interesting people and compete in the cosplay competition. Which I have a minor beef with. Which for once has nothing to with with the judges decisions on who would go on to the finals. Yet I’m quite sure some people do, however I did not inquire about that. It just well known fact that people will complain a lot about such things. That being said, there is a lot of fun to be had by signing on as a volunteer. The back bone of any convention.

As usual Desucon takes place in Lillestrøm during the summer. It’s a very flat region of east Norway with a big building perfectly suited to hold any convention, with easy commuting from all over. Be it by plane, bus or train. There is also a plethora of stores and high quality restaurants and an expensive hotel next door. Several noticeable and very geeky stores bring a lot of fantastic merchandise as well. A great number of artists shows up as well and most of them takes a lot of custom commissions. Replica swords, bead creatures, leather products, body pillows, figurines, cups, candy and much much more.

I’ve yet to mention the various organizations having stands there as well. Such as the highly questionable Galtvort skolen LARP. It’s a translation on the hog and wart pun, which is the recipe for having serious legal issues. Due to film companies being a dick about reinforcing copyrights.

The ever noisy and quite healthy Kendo participants. EF education, which enthralls you with the ability to study languages abroad. And many, many more. 

My costume idea for this year was a scantly clad Blackwatch Ryes from Overwatch. I figured out that parading around in his skimpy armor would be a lot more comfy than wearing a shirt. Plus I could not arsed to get an olive green hoodie. Not yet at least. The process can be found on my twitch page under the name Zaceron on pretty much anything.

Part one was held in a closed room with some cameras, several people from the crew. Apparently it was an auditorium with many rows of chairs, filled with an overwhelming amount of participants in colorful costume. Essentially the idea was for each participant to wait their turn and talk to the three lovely female judges in front. Personally I was just lucky to get there in time, since they decided to held it one hour earlier. Without notifying me, since I just arrived by bus when the announcement was made through the speaker system. Due to the ease of dressing up I did get in on time. Winning is a hard sell and there is always more to tell. However there is one big beef I have and that is the number of people going on to the finale, it went from twenty something down to five. The real problem I had about this is quite simple. Most of the participants had a sketch in mid, with music, sound and acting planned out. Now they will never be seen, which is sad and a waste of entertainment potential. Which also undercut a lot of fun. Seeing people do their hardest to perform on stage in a custom costume is a fantastic experience and fun to boot. Also a lot of the participants could greatly benefit from the self esteem boost.

However there was a drop in competition on Saturday, which had a lot of high quality participants as well and a much more chill, show your work atmosphere. I never expected to see a Daedric warrior cosplay. Then again a Oni Genji was there as well, with a mimic hiding in a corner, promising free loot. Aside from the big competition, there are a lot of other wholesome activities going on as well. Such as the LAN section, for people who have the balls to drag their expensive PC across the land. Various fandom meet ups, board games and much, much more. There is just too much to mention. After all I came there to compete, meet fantastic people, take a bucket load of images and fishing for ideas. Which is exactly what I did.



Kendo practice
The Kind of Norway during WW2
Wonder Woman
Arcade Ahri
Imperial Guardsman
Reaper vs Sith and the Remnant
Free Loot
Soldier 76
Friday the 13th
The witch king and his hand maiden?
Gone With the Blastwave
A short storm trooper
A Ghost Buster
Lara Croft
Bobba Fett
NCR Veteran

 Tai Fighter

Garen and Katarina

Njål Sand

Haven Review: Ghost Buster [2016]

imagesGhost Busters its been a movie, its been a comic, hell it’s even had a few decent video games over the years. But with the rebooted Ghost Busters movie out in theaters we have the fine privilege of tearing into the video game and reviewing it for what it is.

The game itself can be described in one very simple and very straight forward sentence.gb_screens_5-0

“The game is soon to become a ghost because it’s not very good, its poorly designed, and its garbage.”

Now I know there are some Ghost Buster die-hard fans out there who will say any piece of the Ghost Busters franchise is amazing and will defend it till the death, to these people I truly hope you are enjoying this game.

Now the game itself costs $50 US dollars that is the cost of any big triple A title and you expect it to rival games like Metal Gear Solid V, or Fallout 4 in terms of quality. However this game fails massively in comparison to these titles.

ji1d7vziyh4yckqjytabThe game is played as a top down exploration game where you play as not the four female protagonists from the movie but rather, some lackeys they hired to maintain order in their absence while they are out busting Ghosts at the  White House keeping Obama safe from old assassins.

Each stage is composed of three sub-stages and they are all repeated and very massive so you will spend about an hour in each stage. The best way to describe it is if you go on a three-mile hike and realize the only way to finish your walk is to do it three more times.

The stages are long and drawn out fighting the same amount of enemies over and over, in repetitive combat with very little health kits around encase you happen to die.

The enemies themselves aren’t unique either, they are just re-skinned on every enemy but with a different color glow behind them to make them look more unique. There is literally nothing special about their design. The worst part of it comes when you realize a game design grad student in modeling could potentially do a better job they did in terms of quality control.

ghostbusters-game-179106Now gameplay and story wise the game is primarily handled by missions. No great in-depth quality missions either but simple still drawn doodles giving brief explanations about Ghosts that are out there and what is happening with poor jokes tossed in to try to liven things up. I truly feel sorry for any voice actors whose names are tied to this title.

Music for the game is equally bad as they just sing the original Ghost Busters theme on a loop on the main menu. Don’t get me wrong the theme is good but even good things have to be handled in moderation and not repeated over and over roughly ninety plus times.

One of the worst sins of the game though is simple the genuine lack of effort, for fifty dollars you expect quality and you expect good things but this. People were worried the movie would be bad and it would be ruining the franchise I say it’s the games. Cheap games made quick to try to make a quick buck. Not giving any care to the players or the people investing in it.

It’s no wonder why the company Fireforge has gone bankrupt. If you make a good product, people will rally to you and support you through kickstarters and other companies. But ONLY if you make a good product. In the end the game falls short and I cannot recommend it to anyone. Save your money, go buy Deus Ex, or Call of Duty. A game that you know is actually pretty good.

-Daniel Clatworthy-

Disclaimer:  We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.


Nerd Editorial: Ghostbusters 3 with Male cast?

When news of a third Ghostbusters with an all female cast broke news, the boys of the internet cried out in several voices, many comments positive and hopeful, but also many negative, claiming that Hollywood was attempting to sell their childhood (again) under the guise of marketing gimmicks. Well, Sony pictures has apparently announced today that a Male cast Ghostbusters movie will be released as well to pander these fan boys.



The film is set to Star Channing Tatum in the lead role and is supposed to be part of a new Ghostbusters “Cineverse” (in the same style as Avengers n such, as is the craze today). This is so absolutely bizarre to me, like Sony is already kicking the female Ghostbusters to the curb before they even start production. It’s as if they heard all the moaning from the manchildren on the internet and decided to have a boy Ghostbusters as a backup plan and because they’re worried lady toys won’t sell to the 35 year old men who make up the collector market now.

So I guess the question to ask is, when the theaters release these ghostbusters movies, Which are you going to call?