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Haven Editorial – Regncon 2017

Bergen is a great town at the west coast of Norway, with lovely people and some cozy conventions, such as Regncon 2017. Which on its own is a very fitting pun for a convention taking place is a very wet country. The convention takes place during autumn and host a slew of wholesome geek activities. Its the one place to go in order to try out odd board games. Since people bring a bulk of them, which can be lent then and there.
Table top RPG’s, my personal favorite. Essentially a game master cook up a scenario in a setting, then people sign up to partake in that story.

I had one hell of a time playing Paranoia, a fantastic game about conspiracy, secret organizations and clones gone wrong. 

Now I should also mention the various card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh! Pokemon, Cardfight Vanguard and many others. Including a Norwegian favorite  Magic The Gathering. Often followed by a tournament of said game. It’s a good place to find players. Daniel (Rose) found someone to play Yu-Gi-Oh with, a rarity in Norway.

I did also held a chill and impartial cosplay competition. Due to few costumed people actually showing up, I just gave them prices accordingly to my specifications. Which weren’t three handcrafted Necronomicon’s.

There was also very nice workshop for learning how to paint table top figurines, held by an organist which specialize in miniature gaming. Which was also a wholesome activity to participate in. 

Regncon also invested in beads. Those hollow plastic cylinders you put on top of a spiked board. Then fuse then together with an hot clothing iron.

Someone even brought a button making machine. It’s a fascinating contraption to behold.

At least two video game completions where held as well. One revolved around Tekken, that combo heavy fighting game with quirky characters, beating the snot out of each other.

Same holds true for the more fast and fluid brawler Smash Bros.

Personal thoughts from Daniel, I enjoyed the convention. I won a bag of Smash a Norwegian chocolate in a smash brothers tournament. Because why the fudge not, the old Yugi player I played against is a old friend, he ran glad beasts and my Blue-Eyes feasted upon him and his soul and it was absolutely a wonderful time in competitive and casual gaming then I spend the rest of the day taking these photos you see here and painting a miniature, I ultimately really enjoyed Regncon 2017 and hope everyone gets to visit Regncon in the future.

Njål Sand


Haven Review: Geek Fuel Monthly Box

So I finally got to try a subscription box from Geek Fuel, and jumping right into it I must say it was nicely packed. I don’t have photos because I got selfish and decided to just tear into the box like an angry child with wrapping paper.

One of the things I noticed about the box is the cost, which I found a bit low. But when I opened it I wasn’t disappointed by what I found. Inside we had a lovely Steam game, a Batman vs. Superman T-shirt (XL, my size too!), A Legend of Zelda: Link poster that’s exclusive to Geek Fuel and a Funko vinyl doll which made me want to shout “Wonder Woman!” like in the old TV shows. But you probably haven’t seen those.015-525x350

I also got the Amazing Fantastic Incredible, memoirs of Stan Lee, which surprisingly enough is spot on for this box. They also included the Geek Fuel magazine which emphasizes things they like to talk about, including console gaming. Truth be told, I didn’t really pay that much mind; I got an entire box full of wonderful geeky things which will keep me busy for quite a few hours. By quite a few hours, I mean I’m just going to be reading the Stan Lee memoirs for a really long time. The book is hard cover with a nice paper-back design that’s very well done.¨

If you want to watch the opening of the Geek Fuel box, the link will be in the description below. But now is the part where I say “Hey if you want, you too can order a box and they have various subscription fees for what you want.” You can buy a box for $17.90 (USD), but that’s only for a month. If you decide to order for a year, you can get it for $14.90. I don’t know why they’re priced like that; I find it pretty stupid.DSC_0015

So you can get more things for less if you purchase an entire year’s worth…assuming you have the money and want to order a nice box of geeky things. I absolutely love my box, but honestly when we were ordering it we had a few issues. These initially prevented us from getting it until a polite staff member patiently helped us out.

Not many companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with are kind enough to actually take the time to deal with people in a polite way. So for me that was a bonus. It shows me that they actually go out of their way to help people who are interested in their product without shrugging them off. This was a definite selling point.

But anyway, if you’re interested in picking up a subscription box from Geek Fuel you can visit their website here. Or if you’d be so kind, you can click this link here and use our referral so we can get more boxes! What can I say? I really do love geeky things!

-Daniel Clatworthy-


Nerd Editorial: Bullied Star Wars Fan Gets Support


Most of us were bullied as kids at some point or another, and it’s heartbreaking to know nothing has really changed (in some ways it’s only gotten worse). Social teaches kids to attack anyone different from the crowd and Layla from Virginia was just a recent target. A huge sci-fi geek, Layla would get picked on at school for liking Star Wars and wearing a Guardians of the Galaxy t-shirt.

Luckily, a local chapter of the 501st Legion (a Star Wars fan community dedicated to costuming-they can be found at most promotional events for anything related to the franchise) heard about the situation. They presented her with a storm trooper outfit that other girls around the country had gotten to wear after going through similar bullying for liking various geeky or sci-fi stuff. Katie Goldman was the original recipient who was teased over her Star Wars water bottle. It got to where she begged her mother to buy her a pink one so boys would leave her alone. The next girl, Allison, had been harassed for liking Star Wars and Spiderman.

The important thing to note here it that the girls weren’t necessarily getting harassed because they were into traditionally nerdy things-they were getting bullied because they were girls who were into those things. Their classmates insisted that only boys could like those things. While we know that’s ridiculous (especially in the case of Star Wars, a franchise insanely influential on popular culture and filmmaking), it does raise points about how popular media is often categorized into being only for one gender. There is no real reason for this-anyone should be able to enjoy anything they like, and what always happens is that whatever is designated for women is mocked or seen as lower art. Another prevalent phenomenon surrounding women in geek culture is getting accused of being a “Fake Geek Girl”-where it’s implied these women are only pretending to be interested in something for the attention of men. My favorite time this happened to me was when I was wearing a Captain America shirt and some guy smirked at me and said “You don’t even like comics do you?” Five minutes into a conversation about comics, and he confessed to not knowing who my favorite Avenger was-The Scarlet Witch.

But while this is an annoyingly sexist ongoing issue in the geek community, it’s important to focus on positive things. Part of the community banded together to help one of their own in a time of need. Layla was even able to meet Weird Al at a concert the 501st Legion were participating in and is proud to carry her geeky stuff to school again. Bullying is a hard thing to go through, but it can help to know fellow fans are around to support you.