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Haven Editorial: Steam Disclosure Policy

Valve has recently launched a disclosure policy that will change things for some
gamers out there in regards to how they are viewed. The new policy states:

“If you use Steam services (e.g. the Steam Curators’ Lists or the Steam Broadcasting service) to promote or endorse a product, service or event in return for any kind of consideration from a third party (including non-monetary rewards such as free games), you must clearly indicate the source of such consideration to your audience.”

Pretty self explanatory. If you get paid for your games, you now need to tell everyone that you are getting paid. If the game is given to you by a company, you must let your fans know
that a company has given you a copy of the game.
What does this mean for us? It means we will tell you who gave us the game we are playing and it means we will also tell you why we are playing it. We are very open regarding what we do. If a developer gives us a game, we play and review it in exchange for the game itself…even if the review is negative and they get super pissed at us because of it.

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-Daniel Clatworthy-