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Haven Reviews: Evil Genome

Haven Reviews Evil Genome

A fiery red head is shot down over a dirtball of a planet, then proceed to wake up with no memory and a questionable ai companion. Despite the amnesia she still kicks ass and takes names, while uncovering a contrived plot with some odd twists and turns.

A smooth skill based combat system, where the character only attack, or dodge when given input. The transition from kicking, to shooting dodging is smooth and very responsive. As enemies and bosses dies, loot and experience points is gained. Which unlocks various fancy skills and passive effects, when the gained points is spent within the skill tree. The world itself is littered with pickups hidden here and there, some that can only be reached with specific abilities and upgrades. Lot items can be sold, gives stats and other benefits as well. Yes Evil Genome takes a lot of inspiration from other side scrolling platform games and it works. 

Evil Genome looks very nice, especially the character models and it’s very easy to see that they put a lot of effort into them. Which is a stark contrast to the brown, bleak dust bowel of a planet the game take place on. Small texts of lore and exposition can be found as well. A bunch of minuscule side quests and a truck load of talkative npc.

Aside from an relentless onslaught of enemies and horrible nasty monsters, there is always a decent challenge to be had, because evil genome is not shy about throwing big burly bosses in your face.

Unfortunately the voice acting is a bit stiff and definitely very wooden. It’s not to shabby for a localization, just a bit flawed and flat to say the least. The subtitles does have some annoying comma and white space errors, but that’s rather minor complaint. Other than that, there is moire loading than I would like for a game of this nature.

Personally I feel that the game is a bit heavy handed on giving the player achievements. Even if there are several in game rewards. Seriously I got an achievement for watching the intro and one for opening a chest.  Other than that the a Chinese dialogue, with English subs would be a welcoming addition. All in all a solid game, with rough edges soon to be patched out. But it’s not a game I can recommend for most casual players or for people who are very picky about questionable Asian dubbing.

No money was received     for this review.

Njål Sand

Nerd Editorial: Confession: I love the Tank Girl movie

Tank_GirlThere are few female led comic book movies I consider to be any good. A few of DC’s animated Wonder Woman films are fun, and Persepolis is great, but there hasn’t been a decent live action, hulking blockbuster released by major studios for audiences to enjoy in the vein of something like a Batman or Spiderman film. The closest in terms of marketing and budget would be Elektra, Supergirl, or Catwoman-all hilariously terrible and hated by both critics and audiences. Adaptations of Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel are thankfully on their way in a few years and will hopefully be well received enough to make way for even more female protagonists. However, there is one woman-lead film I feel has been ignored over the years and deserves some begrudging love-Tank Girl.

Tank Girl is not technically a good film. I have not read many of the comics it’s based off and can only imagine that they’re much better than their adaptation would lead me to believe. The plot is muddled and at times weird, Rebecca (the films’ protagonist) doesn’t have a clear arc, and several scenes were flat out not filmed and had to be later animated. It’s a flawed film. But I love it.

I love that this film is aggressively weird in every aspect-its bizarre editing and punk inspired set design are often cited as detriments to the film overall, but I don’t agree. I think they help make it stylized and make up the major reason to sit through it-Tank Girl, if nothing else, has its own unique identity and is just plain cool to look at. On a pure filmmaking level, where in many areas it completely floundered, Tank Girl manages to be a memorable and interesting experience. Its inserts of comic art and animated sequences help achieve the tone it was going for, in addition to saving some money for a very low budget.

Rebecca also manages to be really compelling to watch, polarizing as Lori Petty’s performance was. Besides its style, the other attraction this film offers is Tank Girl herself. She’s funny, a little nuts, brave, and outsmarts everyone she comes across. Her balls to the walls attitude and constant one-liners are just a joy to witness and I actively wanted to see her take down everyone who crossed her path.

I live for camp and ultimately Tank Girl delivers that in spades. While it’s extremely flawed, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything good to be found. Its aesthetic is astounding and living in a wave of comic book movies that either all ascribe to a generic cookie-cutter look or use a boring grey-scale as a means of showing that the film will be “dark” Tank Girl’s bright pops of color, rocking  soundtrack, and eccentricity comes as a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t take itself terribly seriously and neither should you. Tank Girl is a mess, but it’s an enjoyable mess and doesn’t deserve near the scorn it’s received. I don’t care if I end up being a lone woman screaming in the corner-my mission is to convert as many people as possible into loving Tank Girl like I do.

Haven Review: Submerged

1429885033-submerged-logoFirst up is our disclaimer.  We received this game for review purposes only, and as such all views in this article our are own no money has been given to influence our review in any way.

Submerged is a post-apocalyptic world in which the entire planet is covered by ocean, from the people who made BioShock.2015-07-29_00007

Now the actual story for Submerged is quite easy and straightforward to understand. Your brother has been gravely injured and you must take care of him. After a fierce storm, you wind up in front of a clock tower into which you enter and gently lay your brother down. As you look around, you notice you’re in a submerged city of some sort…and this is where your adventure begins.

Each day in game, you gather supplies there are a maximum of ten containers and once you have gathered them all you beat the game. I beat the game in roughly four hours, and that’s being generous. There are no side missions and no extras to keep you occupied, accept for the Steam achievements awarded for the optional task of fixing up your boat. Now regarding this, I had issues finding the last piece for the boat upgrade; it took me roughly seven hours to find it (and even then I needed help from the developer).2015-07-30_00007

The game-play is very short and simple to follow. There is no combat or dying; it’s an exploration experience made using the Unreal engine. However it just doesn’t feel like a full game. There are all these amazing buildings, but half of them are inaccessible! There are other places as well throughout the game where you simply cannot go. You’re limited to exploring only where red flowers grow they indicate places of interest. It’s because of this that finding all main story items, as well as those “secrets”, are really easy to find. I would have much preferred to explore the vast world, with its underwater buildings. This brings us to the related issue of the game’s graphics. While the high resolution is visual eye candy, every building seems to blend together due to recycled texture graphics.2015-07-30_00001 (2)

So what do we get in the end with Submerged? We have a game that’s visually stunning, like something you’d find in the world of Studio Ghibli. But the games mechanics are greatly lacking. Playing it as a casual game is a lot more fun, but if you take it seriously the game loses a lot of its appeal. Final thoughts? Just make sure to play it on the highest graphics settings.


Update: We just learned the game is $20 and honestly for that price I cannot recommend it.
If the game was $10 or $15 it would be worth it but $20 for three to four hours of gameplay is just not worth it no matter how beautiful it looks.

TLDR; It reminds us that games are a lot like food beautiful to look at but don’t last long if you eat them.

-Daniel Clatworthy-