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Haven Editorial: Captain America – The Representation of a Nation

Now, first and foremost I know I am probably going to get a lot of heat for this from a community of comic readers out there, but it’s my website so I will say what I want and you’ll are going to have to live with it.

Captain America one of the idealist poster boys for Marvel both in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and also in the comics. However in recent events he has taken somewhat of a dark turn after the cosmic cube rewrote his personal history turning him into an agent of Hydra and he’s slowly begun killing off all the heroes he fought alongside all these years.

But when you think of it, Marvel has always taken a very steadfast stand on politics. They have been using their comics to illustrate a point to the readers; at least from my perspective they have been.

Sam Wilson is currently the new Captain America fighting for truth and justice the same way the Captain America of old once did. However he is a liberal of sorts and that offends a lot of people, but the classic Captain America; Steven Rodgers represents the old America or in this case the current America.

Look around you; you see riots, brawling, racism, fascism, and hatred causing the country to literally tear itself apart at the seams. As a person who’s lived outside of the United States I can assure you that American’s are not taken to very pleasantly weather in be in Europe, the Middle East, England or other countries out there. We are looked down upon because of how we treat each other and when you think of it.

Captain America the person we all knew, loved, and trusted being the enemy is profoundly accurate because this is what America is. We let people live our lives without any choice of our own like the President being Donald Trump right now, who is trying to pass a bill that states that anyone with a variety of illnesses can no longer receive medical care such as me.

Yet, we have a person like Bernie Sanders who is standing up for us, against all odds and fighting for our true rights that we think we’ve had. Bernie Sanders is essentially the New Captain America with his political views not being in line with the main stream media.

We are at the cross-roads as a country, both in comics and in the way the nation is run and by who its run. We see the enemy and how its drawing closer, but a lot of people have trouble accepting this as a truth because of who it is. But Marvel gave it a face, a name, and a cause Captain America the original Captain America is a Hydra agent who thinks that controlling people is the best solution and we have to sacrifice our lives, and our freedoms for this cause.

No man can be controlled, just as no one can stop time from moving forward.

The only way this situation could become even more clear to people is if Donald Trump took Captain America’s shield and did a hand to hand fight with Bernie Sanders. It’s sad though, that the times continue to move on, and the people we thought we could trust turn out to be our greatest enemy.

Comics are a means of expression just like all other forms of art, but at the same time each art form is meant to help invoke a emotion, whether it be pity, remorse, anger, or despair. If anything the story that is unfolding right now before our eyes is real, just as the struggle to choose to keep on living a dream or face the reality of the situation outside our door.

America is considered the enemy, to a lot of people, and is viewed with such atrocity that a lot of people want to leave.Those who choose to stay, have to come to terms with the realization that, this is the path they choose, they choose to fight for healthcare, they choose to fight for their lives that the government could deem forfeit at a given moment.

But for those who want to leave, but can’t you will have my eternal sympathy.

-Daniel Clatworthy


Haven Review: Rogue State

Rogue-State-Free-Download-PC-Game-300x160First up is our disclaimer. We received this game for review purposes only, and as such all opinions in this review are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to rule your own nation, Rogue State from LRDGames, Inc. may be the game for you. Welcome to Basenji; yes, it’s a breed of dog, but it’s also the name of the country you’ve inherited after a recent governmental overthrow. As the leader of Basenji, will you be merciful to your citizens and friendly to the rest of the world, or will you rule as a tyrant for your own personal gain. The choice is yours.

InANutshellAs supreme tyran…er…leader…your first task is to create a cabinet. There are three well-meaning ministers waiting for assignments, as well as your brother Farouk who wants nothing but to take leadership for himself. Farouk is highly charismatic and has the ear of many of the people. Unfortunately, you cannot dismiss your brother; he must be assigned to one of the cabinet positions. The following screen lists these positions, along with the effects of benevolent charge (in green), and the effect of appointing Farouk (in red).
RS1aNext on the agenda is reconstruction. Basenji needs a lot of work and it’s up to you to hire nationals, as well as those from the international community to see it through. To which infrastructure will you assign resources first, engineering or medical? These are the kinds of choices that will influence your successes and failures throughout the game.

As with everything in politics, funding is essential. There are actually two forms of currency in Rogue State. One is “Treasury Funds” and the other is “Loyalty of Parliament”. Both must be carefully managed. Also, keep in mind that you are free to govern as you please; even to the people’s detriment. But working for the overall good, while fending off Farouk’s efforts to the contrary seems to me the best way to go.

As with any government, balance is key to pleasing the masses. Basenji’s population is comprised of four political parties known as “factions”; the distribution of which can be seen on the “policies” screen. Use the sliders to set policy that will win the approval of one or more of the parties. Of course as one group becomes happy with your decisions, others may oppose. There is a sort of rock-paper-scissors effect among the people…and with 14 policies to juggle, the game’s replay options are practically endless!

RS2Occasionally, a cabinet minister will have something to say about the way you’re running the country. He will ask you to raise the approval rating of his own faction to a certain level, and within a certain number of turns. If you succeed, that minister’s approval of you rises. If not, it will drop. If your ministers’ approval rating drops too much, they will become “disloyal”, giving Farouk an opportunity to overthrow you.

RS3aWhile managing your country’s interior, it’s easy to forget the international scene. The United Nations will send Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to assist your rebuilding efforts, but at an approval cost. If you are a violator of human rights for example, the U.N. can threaten sanctions. If this happens, allocate resources for immediate reform!
RS4Overall, is Rogue State worth it? Absolutely, yes. It is both humorous and ominous at the same time. As stated, the replay value is very high; letting you test out various styles of rule. My only suggestion would be to add even more content and complexity to this fun geopolitical sim.
RSScale-Chris Roberts-

Haven Review: Way of the Samurai 4

First up is our disclaimer.  We received this software for review purposes only, and as such all opinions in this article are our own. We have not been paid in any way to review this product.

Ever watch Rurouni Kenshin? (Samurai X) the story about Himura the Battousai is a ronin who travels around helping people with his unique fighting style. This game is nothing like that although you can make yourself look at Kenshin.

The story starts out with you disembarking from a tiny row boat only to find the place where you moored your boat has a fight breaking out between some Europeans and group that hates Europeans and also some local officials. Right from the start you have to pick a side but don’t worry you can apologize about it later if you think you choose wrong!2015-07-29_00002

Once the game starts it gives you a in game tutorial on how to draw your sword and kick a lot of ass by slicing people into pieces! You can even reverse your sword and not kill people just like Himura but tragically this won’t beat everyone so you actually still need to kill people.

Which kinda makes me a little bummed out I want to play through the game not having to kill anyone kinda like Deus Ex but its just not possible.

Now as you progress through the game you can slaughter random citizens for fun or traveling Samurai and other Ronin however if you get caught you are sent to prison. But don’t worry, even prison is amazing in this game as you get tortured by the emperors daughters for their and your sexual arousal.2015-07-28_00006  I am not joking when this happened my jaw dropped and my wife began to laugh hysterically. I was not expecting this and it even got stranger from there when I found out you can have a lot of one night stands with Geisha’s and other women in the game.

An the game isn’t even picky on the people you can seduce you can literally sleep with some guys wife, a elderly grandma and all the young girls and whores you want. 2015-07-28_00003It even keeps track of the people you have slept with and tells you their blood type!

Overall the game is a port from its PlayStation 3 counterpart from a little while back but that doesn’t mean it has lost its charm if anything having it on the PC (Steam) just gives a whole new reason for people to play it. Ultimately it is a very enjoyable title and I had a lot of fun playing it despite how awkward it made things for me at times.

-Daniel Clatworthy-