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Haven Editorial: Published Broken Promises and Lies

Haven Editorial: Published Broken Promises and Lies

crashI’ve hung around the gaming scene for a long time and it’s jungle out there. A wild overgrown forest filled with vicious predators, known as fake promises and lies. Gaming companies seems to live in the legal twilight when to comes to people taking action. There are a lot of expensive products, that just flat out fail to work or have missing features. Most of the time it’s the big AAA publisher that is to blame, since they usually want to push the game out as fast as possible.

Here is a list of games. Products that would have been illegal if it was anything but a game. As far as I can see there are no real regulations. It does not help that most stores will not accept refunds on an opened game, where the plastic has been unsealed.
There is only one way to show the big companies what does and does not work. The shareholders only look at numbers and trends, so talk with your valet and listen to reviews. Due to personal preferences I will not do a top list, I find them rather stupid.

Hellgate London is rogue like 3rd person game with random drops, cool classes and flashy skills. Much like Diablo. However at launch is was a broken mess of bugs and glitches. At one point I ran into a wall that could not be passed to complete the level. Players could not see each other and a bucket load of things to be worked out. Eventually they got around to fix it, and got shut down about a year later. I wonder what EA was thinking when they allowed the game to be punished.

Saints Row 2 on PC is a horrible, horrible port that should never been sold to the public. At a certain point the save file got corrupted and the game got unplayable and such cases are well documented.

Batman: Arkham Knight is a story of its own, especially on PC. Good luck making it work. If nothing else there was a serious market backslash. They ought to fix the framerate drops at some point right?

ET on the Atari. They just did not care. They got blinded by money and everything around them turned to a pile of poo. It also fucked up the gaming industry hard.

Driver 3, another well documented case of releasing a faulty game. At least they got a real good kick in the bollocks. But I don’t think they have learned much since then. Anoticable bug includes driving under the city.

Anachronox: A fun game, with a fantastic setting. At some point Eidos got tired of the developers taking too long. Which meant they published a half baked product that is still buggy. At one point movie sequences started repeating themselves when backtracking.

Dai Kantana got hyped, promised a lot and failed to deliver anything remotely close to what was expected.

Aliens Colonial Marine is also a very notorious example. Just look it up on Youtube and marvel at the false promises and the bugs.

Sonic 2006 sucks more than a two legged donkey and runs like one. I wonder why it got published at all.

No man’s Sky is the latest thing we love to hate. Which encapsulate all the issues of broken promises and a buggy sub par product at launch.

Duke Nukem Forever became a mediocre first person shooter. Where the gameplay was boring and the player could pick up shit and throw it at the wall. Not to mention that it took ages for it to actually be released at all.
Mind you, this also holds true for indie developers. If your product is a steaming pile of manure, expect harsh criticism!
Njål H Sand

Haven Review: Warzone 2100

Warzone 2100

Why is a doomed future always a featureless desert with murder machines? The world has ended and a bunch of survivors found an abandoned army base and made the place their home. After dealing with some local raiders, they came in direct conflict with something called the “Paradigm”; more war happened.

The future is brown and desolate
The future is brown and desolate

Warzone 2100 is a strategy game where war is a battle of research and resources, a veritable arms race. Machine gun research leads to rotating turrets, and that research leads to the option of making rotating canons. These can be combined with various chassis and turrets. This is the crux of the game play. Researched parts are assembled by the player into whatever configuration is needed and available at the time. This includes heavy cannons, which are not a very good thing to put on a squishy hover-tank. However, laser guns and artillery work great.

The sheer amount of weaponry, upgrades and research is simply staggering. This in turn means that matches can go on for ages. It all depends on the path each player takes, and the strategy used. It can turn into a pretty cool case of bouncing artillery shells back and forth due to various countermeasures. It was one of the first games that introduced the concept of units getting experience in combat, giving them an extra edge if they survive long enough. Luckily this experience can be transferred to other newer, shinier units.

War is noisy, brutal and not very flashy!
War is noisy, brutal and not very flashy!

After some time, those pesky all old units will become obsolete, rusted buckets of bolts. Back in the day I played this on a Playstation demo disc and the most interesting thing was the ability to manually navigate units with the controller. This is extremely helpful, since the path-finding is atrocious. Incidentally, this is also the biggest downfall to an otherwise great game; that and the horrid timer on each mission. Luckily there are cheats to disable these.

The other feature that set the game apart from other strategy games is in the way the campaign is set up. Each area has a main base and a limited map. As events occur, the map expands. Eventually you have to put units into a drop ship and ferry them to the next combat area. This makes the main base a staging point, which might be attacked during or after a mission.

Watch giant armies duke it out!
Watch giant armies duke it out!

Haven Review: Warzone 2100

Aside from a Playstation version, a PC version also exists, and dedicated people still play it. The game keeps up to date with newer Windows releases. However no one has yet had it in their mind to remake the game with better path-finding and more refined graphics. Most of the game is brown. The soundtrack is quite good and composed of several very long tracks which are most enjoyable outside the game itself. Personally I find the title very enjoyable, even though the path-finding is terrible. But by now you already know this.

Here is the page where the current version of the game can be acquired for free. Open source is awesome like that, and same goes for dedicated fans whom keep the game running on new systems.

Disclaimer: We received this game for review purposes only, and as such all opinions in this review are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

Njål H Sand

Haven Review: Rise of the Tomb Raider [PC]

First up is our disclaimer. We received this game for review purposes only, and as such all opinions in this review are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

Now I should note before I go into this that I’ve played and beaten the entire game with a 100% completion on the Xbox One. Most of this review, however focuses on PC-exclusive features that new players should know about.tomb-raider-ice

Now if you waited for this title, you’re rewarded with some very nice tessellation action, as well as an exclusive full-screen mode where you can use a monitor with 120 Hz refresh rate! Assuming you have the graphics card to play this thing on high, you can play it in a nice 60 fps for mind-numbing graphics that are sure to make you happy you’re part of the ubiquitous “PC Master Race” (PCMR).

There are a variety of “fine tuned” additions to the PC version to enhance its visual appeal. Although the frame rate is a lot smoother (and somewhat varied in quality from computer to computer), you can make it look like you’re playing on an Xbox One by disabling graphically heavy features, such as ambient occlusion. But why you would do that is beyond me.

A feature I’m still not really caring about is multiplayer, where players can buy cards or earn them in-game by completing challenges. For added bonuses, you can also spend real world cash to unlock some other features or outfits that Lara Croft can wear.

The current story kicks off as you are traveling to Syria and the Himalayas in search of the Divine Source, an ancient relic which bestows immortality upon its users. A secret organization called Trinity wants to use it to recreate the world in their image…claiming it as God’s work. The story is fairly simple to follow for the most part, although I don’t want to dabble to much into it for fear of spoiling it for everyone.2914750-rottr2

You also get to meet Lara Croft’s father and learn of the fate that befell him on his last journey. Now on to the main thing about this game and how it differs from its predecessor. In the previous title your goals were very relaxed and straightforward. There were always indicators showing you where to go. The skills were also clear, albeit redundant (as was much of the equipment you found).

The 2013 installment felt like it was holding your hand through the entire game, even on harder settings. I found it disappointing to say the least now with the new Rise of the Tomb Raider. I was expecting the same treatment, but as I stated earlier not much in the first game prepared me for this. Rise-of-the-Tomb-Raider-3The computer AI is still generally pretty stupid; no real improvements. However now there is a new in-depth crafting system with which you can make pretty much anything. Hungry? Tear down a tiny tree and make a bow from it to go hunting…and from there grab some feathers and sticks to make arrows. Trinity soldiers coming your way use equipment better, so you must literally head-shot them with your newly acquired arrows.

Are you badly injured? Grab a leaf and some clothes and make a bandage using your hardcore Indian-styled survival skills…one with nature! Speaking of being one with nature, why not hide in the bushes and jump-attack anyone who comes by? Don’t forget to loot their corpse! The amount of crafting skills is phenomenal; improvising everything on the go…even making shrapnel grenades from materials you pick up.sasa

But where the game truly begins to shine is when you start adding skills into the mix and finding new skills from tombs. Where in the first game you would just get experience and some salvage from looting an ancient tomb, in this one you gain new abilities from codecs which work in tandem with your current skill sets that you unlock as you gain skill points. For example in the initial tomb, you unlock a rapid fire arrow ability and a skill that allows you to fire two arrows in rapid succession. Using these skills in tandem means you can now fire four arrows. If you get head shots, that is an easy four skills right from the get go.

Expanding into story-related things, you can take side missions from various NPC’s you meet along the way. In doing so you can unlock more equipment to help you progress through the game, such as lock picks, weapon sights, and various other equipment, not to mention the treasures you find that can be used for purchasing more equipment for weapons or general upgrades.sa

Now with all these new features in a Tomb Raider title, you may ask yourself where Square Enix screwed up. That my friends, as many have guessed is in micro-transactions! You can spend real-world money to purchase extra outfits for Lara, or cards to be used in expedition mode! Although if you complete challenges in the campaign you can actually get card packs for free and on my very first one I got the bobble head Lara unlock so now my head is gigantic. However they are not usable in the main game which is kind of a bummer, although it would be pretty funny if it was usable in the main story.

The main issue I faced in the game was the learning curve with the new mechanics, not to mention the missing hand-holding features. Entire areas blend together with no identifying marks as to where to jump or how to move about. Only the way-point indicator for survival mode has remained the same…that and finding things in survival mode.

The game delivers so well on the visuals to the point I want to cry at its beauty. With its musical composition and riveting story, it truly is an amazing game. Although let’s be honest, Square Enix couldn’t really mess that up with their excellent writing staff.2809247-1424111574-6

In conclusion, is Rise of the Tomb Raider better on PC than it was on the Xbox One? Absolutely. There is a reason PC players refer to themselves as the “Master Race”. The extra features allow for a more immersive experience and jaw-dropping graphics. It’s simply amazing and absolutely enjoyable.

-Daniel Clatworthy-