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Haven Reviews: Evil Genome

Haven Reviews Evil Genome

A fiery red head is shot down over a dirtball of a planet, then proceed to wake up with no memory and a questionable ai companion. Despite the amnesia she still kicks ass and takes names, while uncovering a contrived plot with some odd twists and turns.

A smooth skill based combat system, where the character only attack, or dodge when given input. The transition from kicking, to shooting dodging is smooth and very responsive. As enemies and bosses dies, loot and experience points is gained. Which unlocks various fancy skills and passive effects, when the gained points is spent within the skill tree. The world itself is littered with pickups hidden here and there, some that can only be reached with specific abilities and upgrades. Lot items can be sold, gives stats and other benefits as well. Yes Evil Genome takes a lot of inspiration from other side scrolling platform games and it works. 

Evil Genome looks very nice, especially the character models and it’s very easy to see that they put a lot of effort into them. Which is a stark contrast to the brown, bleak dust bowel of a planet the game take place on. Small texts of lore and exposition can be found as well. A bunch of minuscule side quests and a truck load of talkative npc.

Aside from an relentless onslaught of enemies and horrible nasty monsters, there is always a decent challenge to be had, because evil genome is not shy about throwing big burly bosses in your face.

Unfortunately the voice acting is a bit stiff and definitely very wooden. It’s not to shabby for a localization, just a bit flawed and flat to say the least. The subtitles does have some annoying comma and white space errors, but that’s rather minor complaint. Other than that, there is moire loading than I would like for a game of this nature.

Personally I feel that the game is a bit heavy handed on giving the player achievements. Even if there are several in game rewards. Seriously I got an achievement for watching the intro and one for opening a chest.  Other than that the a Chinese dialogue, with English subs would be a welcoming addition. All in all a solid game, with rough edges soon to be patched out. But it’s not a game I can recommend for most casual players or for people who are very picky about questionable Asian dubbing.

No money was received     for this review.

Njål Sand

Haven Reviews: Pokemon Reborn

Haven Reviews: Pokemon Reborn


My less than glamorous Pokemon journey started with a blast; Some insane terrorist decided to blow up the train I was riding on. The nerve of some people. The call of adventure lured med into the region of Reborn. Little did I know that this place is a rundown carphole. A depressive and run down place. Where nature has run wild and the once tranquil Azure lake has turned into a toxic mire. There are more Muck in there than Magicarp, which is saying a lot.


If you are reading this, then you are probably quite familiar with Pokemon already. Never the less here is a rundown.

Reborn is a fangame, which is in no way affiliated with Nintendo. However if this was an official release it would certainly bring the franchise to a new level. Story wise it follows the exact same set up. A trainer starts his journey with one Pokemon, which he use to capture more creatures. Which are used to fight gym leaders and a nefarious gang of thugs with an agenda. However unlike the mainstream games, this one is hardcore. It enforces the rules I seldom had think of and forced me to play outside my normal comfort zone. 16-11.png

The silver lining is that I could pick any starter. Amongst these rules I never payed much attention to, is the level cap on the badges. If I have only kicked the grass of one gym leader, then I can’t get a high level Pokemon to obey me in battle. Normally the camp is quite high, but with twice the number of gym leaders it become very tricky. If I have two badges, the level limit is 35. While Three is 40. This means that I can’t power level my way through them at all. Not only that but the move set and the Pokemons they use, is pulled straight out of competitive it seems. Besides that there is not that many Pokemon to find early on, that is not poison or normal type. Though I did get an appreciation for the toxic spike ability and the ways of using Trubbish in combat. All the special Pokemons are found all over the place, be it an abandoned building, grass or random events. They are all over the place. I feed my team with common candies to decrease their level, in order to have them obey me. A fun challenge but hard.

Though that being said, the most interesting feature is the field effects, which boost certain types. Within a forest, grass type will be strong, until I set the field on fire. This interaction holds true for all the other types as well in Pokemon.


In most Pokemon games the music is a mixed bag, cant say I really like the music most of them. However the Reborn music is just up my alley, oh so catchy and cool. To me that is. Where the game fails a bit, is the inconsistency of the environment sprites. Some of them does not match the esthetics and are clearly out of place. Though it did not deter me from playing, It is highly recommended for any fan. But be warned the story is much, much more darker and serious. With some people dying amongst other things. Since it is made with RPG Maker, it runs fine on PC and can be found with a quick search.

Njål Sand

Haven Editorial: Reborn Boss Besting: Shelly

The Pokemon Reborn bug queen!

The art of besting Shelly in Pokemon Reborn. A while ago I decided to look up some Pokemon fangames and I came across several full fledged titles.

I had to fight the trainer known as Shelly, she is a pink haired gym leader, whom likes to spam bugs in dual battles. If this was one of the official games, I would have crushed her monsters hard. But alas it was not easy at all. I brought a burning slug to the fray, it got stuck in a pile of rocks. Despite me putting the forest on fire. In theory I was hoping that the flames would consume the enemy in a inferno. But they survived and retaliated. Then I brought a bird, a mighty Unfezant, whom mighty plumage brought the mightiest of bugs to their knees. Until it took a Dazzling gleam to the face and was no more. The flying pink psychic elephant fetus took down some, but eventually fell as well. Despite many, many tries I just could not beat Shelly in a fair fight.

There are a couple of thins you should know by now. Pokemon Reborn is hardcore difficulty wise. Which means that if you exceed the level cap set by the current gymbadge, Most Pokemon will ignore your orders completely. In the case of Shellys gym, the cap is 35, and her is somewhere below that. This limit exist in all the games, it’s just much, much higher. In Reborn each badge after the second one only increase the level cap by five. But that is not main issue though. In most games I hardly ever see critical strikes occur at all. However in this game they are very much a real thing. Naturally this mean that some luck is involved.

The second problem is the very limited selection of practical Pokemon with elemental affinity. Especially rock, ground and fire are very hard to come by early. So far I’ve found two types and I use both. Eventually I came up with a brilliant idea, to crush her bugs with living stone. In this case a Sudowoodo. That three looking stone fellow, whom hate water. I trained day and night to make him into a champion. It was not to be, he got killed before I could even launch a single pebble at the enemy Pokemon. In the end I had to rely on a burning fire slug and an oversized Dove. I set fire to the forest with a plume of lava, followed by a Wing attack and they fell like flies. Until the thrice cursed Anorith entered the field and managedto pull off a rock slide. The bane of all flying and burning creatures in the Pokemon world. Lucky for me Shelly somehow missed.

Which means that luck was the only reason I won the damned bug battle.

Njål Sand