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Haven Editorial: Heated Steam Changes

Haven Editorial: Heated Steam Changes

Steam has for the longest of times been a hive of scum and villainy, like few others. It practically made Newgrounds look sparkling clean when compared. The platform is great for people to publish and distribute their own games in hope of gaining money and fame. Naturally this brought the opportunistic fools whom think they are great, whom will attack you with vicious rabid layers if you say their game is crap. Due to the number of games I’ve played and tried over the years I’m quite biased indeed. Especially when it comes to badly made trailer trash. Criticism is a way to improve and get better. Accept that not every one will agree with your opinion. Do not be afraid to have your views challenged and admit that you might just be wrong. In my eyes a person is not a responsible adult until they start talking it out, instead of acting like angry kindergartners. Yes people are very passionate about their projects and their beliefs. However that is no excuse to not act civilized. That primal rage reaction is unfortunately an evolutionary leftover.

Which brings me to my topic. Steam is doing massive changes to fix the plumbing on their junk clogged toilet. To a lot of people this will be a harrowing change of epic magnitudes. To me, it’s magnificent, watching it unfold. Change is good, especially when things have grown stagnant. Basically the current system is based around a small fee to publish as many games as you want. With the community being the only quality assurance to rely on. Essentially someone has to buy, download and play the game, then leave feedback on it. Hoping that the publisher of said game is not deleting the comments or making fake accounts to boost popularity.

I’ve seen some weird things in the Steam jungle. People posting movies, World of Warcraft and many, many other copyrighted products made by infinity more successful people. The changes being put in place will cause steam to become a lot more moderated and hopefully more quality will come from it. There are only so many versions of Unity Asset flip games with horrible controls and survival elements one man can take. Before he turns utterly and totally bonkers.

Sure some new and aspiring developers will be hurt by all of this. However that is the price of change. Someone will get hurt, others will get butt hurt. Meanwhile the rest will accept it and make the new system work. Remember there are other platforms that Steam out there after all.

I like the changes, I look forward to how it will turn out and I hope everything will get better.


Njål H Sand

Haven Review: Ara Fell

  maxresdefault  I am a lover of RPG’s some are good, some are bad and some are decent but presents a fair amount of issues. Don’t get me wrong, I truly love the deeply laid stories found in role-playing games but that is only half the pleasure of one.

Ara Fell lives up to its title. Where someone falls down a hole. Now moving right along let’s get into the dynamics of this game. They give you an option of a story mode only which you can one shot all the enemies you encounter in the games story. Something like this is, needed I think. As a lot of the stories for role-playing games is what interests people in playing them.988xt7y

However as a traditionalist I have decided not to use this route and kept playing. Next up it gave me an option to disable tutorials which I disabled but it was all a lie, a lie I tell you, lies!!!

I then spent the prologue getting mandatory tutorials so I could move on and it drove me absolutely insane, as did the issue with cut-scenes.  Some cut-scenes were skip-able and others were mandatory and it never explained to you which ones are which.

Some wait for you to hit next so you can continue on with the story while others just kept fast forwarding through the text not even giving you a chance to really read what is going on there so for a person like me with dyslexia it was near impossible to figure out what is going on.ara_fell_review_image_04

The game plays as a attempt to be funny during some scenes and, I feel it tries to get me to like the characters a bit more than I should have. Nothing really stood out to me accept the beautiful design of the game which is reminiscent of classic Final Fantasy titles in terms of style.

Now for the music, when the game actually game me music to listen too I thought it was kinda nice. Although albeit a bit buggy at times which killed most of the audio I would generally hear from it. But the main issue I have with the game is how it tries very hard to make it self-stand out from all its RPG predecessors in terms of mechanics with a very in-depth crafting system and ATB battle system with unique skills and combat flow.ss_296f70972f1e26470d286991c11eed2d19ef670b-600x338 I know it may sound like an unfair comparison but Square-Enix wrote the book on what a RPG battle system should be for classic themed RPG’s. A [Active Time Battle] system can indeed work but  if not clogged down with various other abilities, effects and everything else.

The more basic battle system is the best battle system, if its made overly complicated, people will have a hard time enjoying it. Same with a crafting system in-depth in a simple RPG. It’s not needed, keeping it simple is one of the best things of classic RPG’s. In a 3D environment you should expect to see more complex things but in a 2D environment its best to stay away from these things.arafell-3

However despite my quarrels with the mechanics of the game, the game remains very close to its true roots in terms of RPG’s. After a while the characters start to warm up to me, and the tone of the game with its light-hearted atmosphere remains enjoyable.

In the end its worth checking out, if you want something different from the rest.

-Daniel Clatworthy-

Disclaimer:  We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.


Konami Cock Blocks Kojima


The “Hashtag” Game Awards two thousand fifteen have come and gone and of course we got to see the vitriol that lies just below the surface of this industry bubble forth. On the night of the Awards we heard a crowd erupt in Boos and Hisses and the mention of the once beloved developers Konami (#FucKonami). Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain did tremendously well this year at the award ceremony.

Righly So, Hideo Kojima led a team of developers to create a beautiful brilliant game. One would assume that during the Ceremony Kojima would be honored and praised for the work he has accomplished. Wrong.

As we found out from Geoff Keighley Konami had Kojima Legally barred from attending the Game Awards to collect his award for Metal Gear Solid V. Christ Alive, This is the most despicable plan concocted by that rotting Cesspool of a company. Up until now, Konami has tried to feign an air of civility between themselves and Kojima (although not very well, everyone has already seen through it). With blatant lies such as Kojima hasn’t been viciously fired, he’s just on a vacation (#FucKonami).

It was important to hear this from someone like Keighley, who is part of the media more sided with developers and more lenient of their bullshit. It was also important to hear the cries of the crowd rallied against Konami for there malice.

In times like these where a company is clearly getting away with fucking over their artists, it’s good to see that the constant outcries of those diligently watching, and monitoring the going-ons of these companies have reached the public, and more and more people are becoming aware of all this.

Other developers have since taken to Twitter to comment about the recent event, and Konami as a company. People like Cliff Bleszinski, and Vince Zampella heavy weights in the industry, and who have sometimes not been shining examples of the industry themselves, have taken a firm stance in favor of Kojima.

Their kind words, I’m sure, are refreshing for him to hear. It must be difficult for the company that he has been apart of for so long treat him like this. It’s probably also hard for him to reporters and pundits like myself spewing our own hate towards Konami. So, after all this I feel like I should end on a more upbeat note. Mr. Kojima is a brilliant artist, and I hope he finds his way going forward. My heart goes out to him for what he’s been through this year, and I’m excited to see what he develops in the future. Thank You, Mr. Kojima.

UPDATE: Due to new information I’m updating this post. Konami and Kojima have officially parted ways. Kojima is now partnered with Sony. Fuck you Konami. This is exactly what you get. Enjoy your Pachinko Machines you fucks.