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Haven Editorial: Mortido Alpha Demo

Mortido Alpha Demo
I decided to give the Mortido alpha demo a try, due to how interesting it looks. Ironically I came across it after, watching a documentary about Lovecraft. Which is the first thing that springs to mind when playing the game. The setting is most absurdly surreal indeed. With a dark and ominous atmosphere, with scarce usage of color. Then again this is game takes place in the after life it seems. All around there are broken building litter the ground and stony hands penetrate the ground. Somewhere within the crooked buildings I found old bony man. Who offered me information if I could guess the dice he threw. After failing the challenge I was thrown from the balcony. Within the same dusty room, I found a disturbing note. Next to it an odd acting mirror. Eventually I gave up on the notion of guessing the outcome. I left the murky house and went towards another door. On the other side of the massive door, I found a statue. Situated on a bridge leading into the murky water. As I approach the figurine a prompt appears. While interacting with the back of it’s head, I conjured up a blue floating circle, that caused the statue to turn around and face the opposite direction. Clearly it did something, but that was elsewhere. While leaving this curious spot, I was brutally stabbed from behind. Some tall lanky and bony creature blind sided me. Triggering a combat tutorial, where a lot of rapid button tapping conjured my up my sword. Forcing me into a tutorial where I took a brutal beating, under the sound of a narrator.

It’s hard to see if the game is supposed to be scary or if it supposed to be disturbing, However what I can tell from the demo, is that Mortido is a fairly fast phased beat em up game. Where the masked protagonist. Wields a yellow glowing katana, while shadow stepping around fiendish bony foes. Despite their initial cut scene sucker punch and pain induced tutorial. The monsters themselves was very easy to kill and the stamina refilled fast enough to keep dodging them.

There are some performance and stability hiccups here and there atm.

All in all a quite decent presentation. With a very much intriguing story, set in a very interesting and quite bleak, dreamlike setting, With a heavy Japanese inspired art direction and what ever else they feel like. The quite nice graphics does help. Especially for an alpha demo. IF you like it, I’d recommend supporting the developers.

Njål Sand

Haven Reviews: Crypt of the Necrodancer

Haven Reviews: Crypt of the NecroDancer

20161209015035_1Necrodnce turns two very unlikely genres, into one sound combination. The music truly moves me, forcing me to follow it’s rhythm, as I venture into the Necrodancers crypt. A place of funky music, murderous monsters and dance floors full of treasure. The in-game music literally moves to the beat of the hearth. Within these dark dungeons, the rhythm is law and very few maleficent monsters miss a beat. Be it a humble slime stuck in a pattern, or a big bad burly boss. Even though Necrodancer is a highly addictive rogue like game, where treasure and monsters are randomly generated. 20161209022328_1 Most enemies have a fairly modest life bar, where every attack can be avoided if the timing is correct. Which makes it a game purely about skill, despite random elements. I’ve yet to actually see any hidden traps or enemies that are impossible to see. Which is quite lovely indeed. Crypt of the Necrodancer, also have a bucket load of unlockables, such as characters, modes for practicing against monsters and a plethora of fancy items. 20161209023404_1

That being said death is most certainly permanent. And the only currency that carry over are diamonds. A shiny pointy rock used for unlocking extra items and powerups that will show up randomly in the dungeon. I’m quite surprised that there is a couch coop feature, now that is a recipe for a deadly disaster. A true challenge for anyone involved. But I have not done much of that, since I live in the middle of nowhere. Within this musical canopy, there is also a fully voice acted plot, with some simple cut scenes. It’s a quite gripping story indeed.


I picked up Necrodancer on Steam, it’s a fairly decent prized game, that provides, the player with several hours of gameplay and some real tricky challenges. Which makes this a poor Steam Achievement farming game. The underlying mechanics is a deceptively simple and well thought out. The direction keys moves the character around and if you walk towards and enemy, an attack will occur if close enough instead. Each of the stages are connected by an exit, blocked by a beefy boss. It is a game after all.


The most negative thing I can really point out is the slow main hub, that follows the same rhythm movement the whole game is built around.


It’s an indie game, that actually has support for a dancepad. Those fancy usb connected floor controllers, with several arrows on it. As and added bonus the game becomes easier by using one of those. Not that I have ever had a reason to invest in one.
Danny Baranowsky, is no stranger to making a good game soundtrack and it shows. The music is the best clearly the best thing within the game, and can be bought separately. Or use a custom               track if that is what you fancy instead. Even the shopkeeper sings along to the song. However I truly loathe the boink sound the arrow trap makes.


Over all a very sound and fun challenge, that I just have to recommend everyone trying at some point.

Disclaimer:  I bought this game for fun. As such, all views in this article are my own. 

Njål Sand

Haven Reviews: RIVE – Wreck! Hack! Die! Retry!

Wreck! Hack! Die! Retry!

In RIVE – Wreck! Hack! Die! Retry! it all starts with me taking a trip through an asteroid belt, looking for a derelict hulk or two to loot. Naturally I found the      biggest baddest and most broken ship possible, drifting though space. A craft with a very welcoming and functional AI.

I like robotic spiders a lot

RIVE is a twin-stick shooter, which means that I control the craft with one stick. Then use the other to shoot in the direction I point it in. The game itself uses quite good looking and well animated 2d sprites to populate the ship and give it life. Everything has life to it, despite being mechanical monstrosities. Naturally RIVE contains exactly what it says on the tin: Wreck! Hack! Die! Retry.


Within the wreck, vicious enemies will attack you from every side in vicious waves. Throughout the game story various hacks are unlocked, these are used to take over certain foes. Such a nifty healing bot or a machinegun turret, plus several more. Unfortunately I die a lot and you will do the same. Which means I have to retry. Luckily checkpoints are plentiful.


In RIVE I use a spider robot, which can transform into a nimble flying spacecraft as well. The game play switches between being stuck in a small area, where waves spawns from different sides. To the classical run for your life and some exploration. Which leads to many seemingly unfair situations. Yet the they are very much possible to overcome . Despite the games default being hard mode, followed by speed-running and one credit mode. You know, the kind of mode where you die and it’s game over. That is why RIVE has a health bar and several upgrades that can be bought from bolts throughout the story. For those whom are completionists, there is also a leader board and Steam achievements as well.


The music is quite fantastic and catchy, but it does turn itself down when there is a slow section. Despite the overwhelming onslaught of enemies, there are several breaks in the action. This is a very good thing indeed, it also gives RIVE time to add some story and life the very few characters in-game. The protagonist is a very chill and unshaven engineer. With a fairly good voice actor, that has great interactions with the very questionable and quirky AI within the ship. There is an decent story within the game but I’ve probably told to much about it allready.

Unfortunately one of the most common enemy types I encounter, are of the kind that smash my face in and goes boom. I’ve never been much fan of suicide enemies. Other than that fighting in small space and being swamped by the enemy is a bit annoying at times.


Even though I enjoy the game greatly, most people will probably find it a bit too hard and very frustrating. Yes the game flows smoothly and is easy to control. But there is a lot going on at the screen.


Disclaimer:  We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this.

Njål Sand