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Haven Review: Pokemon Gold and Silver


Greetings trawler and welcome to the magical word of Pokemon, a place of untold mystery filled to the brim with mighty beasts, fluffy critters, a bucket load of weird things and a fair share of Eldrtich abominations wanting to feast on your soul. In this lovely pastel-colored world, children as young as ten are sent out to become a Pokemon trainer; someone who can wield the mighty powers each Pokemon contains. However I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s mostly children who did badly on their aptitude tests that have to travel across the land. This might also explain why fishermen with only “Magicarps” are in the party. In other words, these poor uneducated buggers throw fish at you…weak aquatic creatures that flop around on the ground.

A move that involves only flopping and Splashing around in front of the opponent. It has no effect. Image found on Google.

As Pokemom participate in vicious fights against other monsters, they will eventually become stronger and “evolve” into a bigger and much more vicious version, though the process should be called a metamorphosis. After all I was taught that evolution was something that happened over a very long time through generations. But I’ll crack that up the likelihood that the local scientist in town could quite possibly be bonkers with no formal education. So I’ll stick to the term “evolution”.

The most common way to proceed through the game is via combat, though some rare exceptions occur. Either through elemental rocks or when night sets, some evolve through trading with other trainers, and a selective few by holding an item while being traded. These also seem to grow strong faster, as well. A new trend that recently occurred a well, is the ability to breed Pokemon by putting two of the same gender at the ever-friendly Caretaker’s place. Eventually they lay an egg that will hatch into baby, and if its nature is right will get a little stronger than the rest, by fighting certain Pokemon. Rumor has it that a Pokemon with different color might just appear…and it’s ultra rare! On my journey I got some new tools, as well. This includes a snazzy phone with a map function, though I’m not sure why these deadbeat trainers I fought on the way want to have my number. It’s not like the eventual rematch will be any less one-sided.

Fact of Pokemon life.
Fact of Pokemon life.

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for several decades or in The Congo, you have probably heard of or seen a Pokemon product. Whether this is a good thing or not is for you to decide. My first encounter was the pesky Trading Card Game (TCG), which almost no one played (yet everyone and their mother had a card or ten). I was clearly a target demographic when Nintendo launched its nefarious plot to make money off funky critters that fought each other in an arena…essentially a combination of cock fighting and match of rock-paper-scissors.

The old and the new version.
The old and the new version.

The first in the series I actually played through was Pokemon Gold, the sequel to Red and Blue, which added more of everything; new monsters, new locations and a lot of post-game content. The formula mostly follows the idea of fighting eight gym leaders, then challenge the elite four and lastly the champion. As part of the post-game content, there were eight more gym leaders to beat and to have a climatic battle against. Red was the champion from the previous game.

Slightly upgraded graphics.
Slightly upgraded graphics.

Eventually Gold and Silver got a remake named Soul Silver and Hearth Gold, which included a lot of the new elements introduced in later games. This includes Pokemon that need a certain level of happiness to evolve. Aside from better graphics and the addition of some mechanics the game includes a pedometer, a device that counts the number of steps the user has taken during a walk. It is also possible to transfer a Pokemon into the device to level it up while walking, and trade a random item with another person who also has such a device.

The main series is formulaic as all hell and is an example of how to make a highly addictive, turn-based role playing game correctly.

Disclaimer:  We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

While you’re at it, check out this Pokemon fancomic.

Njål H Sand

Haven Editorial: The World’s Greatest Threat

SuicidebomberNow as I tell my friends, my family, and also the staff here what is the point on having a nice little website when I cannot say whatever the hell I please. So I hope my friends on the various other sites they own realize they can do the same and that being said let me share with you a issue I see in today’s society.

I came from America my bloodline is that of a Australian and a Irishman and the Irish in America have been oppressed, hated, and shamed for being Irish that has become a common place in society not only in America but in the world although now it is no longer the Irish who face the scorn and ridicule its Muslim people and its because of issues such as the “War on Terror” or the fight with ISIS and no I am not talking about the kind Archer is apart of.

The way I see it because people are not like you, because they have different ways of living their life you begin to fear what you don’t know or understand you let that fear take hold of you and let it control you. That fear than turns to hate and that hate mm yes, does lead to the dark side on this case racism.

Everyone has different view points on how they see things but not everyone from Syria is a bad person who wants to run into a school shouting “allah hu akbar!” before blowing up a explosive vest strapped that was strapped to themselves. People judge the actions of a few and let it carry over to the entire race. If one person has done bad things everyone from Syria must be bad people it makes complete sense in a twisted mind.tumblr_lqof5m1TBI1qa4by8o1_500

Since you do not understand the situation they are in you let that fester as fear and you let that become a hate and that hate is what creates your own nightmares. A War on Terror is self-perpetuating you create what you fear and you hate it because you do not know anything about it.

But that is only the beginning of a nightmare; a while ago in a country called Germany a man hated a race so much he tortured them, beat them, defiled them, mutilated them, and to his followers he was revered as a golden icon that shined on the sea. That person was Adolf Hitler he hated the Jews and from that hate he grew to power and with his power he covered the streets in blood until the allied powers put a stop to him, but not before seemingly endless causalities came about it.

Humanity is foolish though and we fail to listen to what history has taught us and because of which a new power by the name of Donald Trump is rising to power based on the same notions of fear and hate that lead Hitler to power although this time it is not the Jewish people that are taking the hate but it is the Muslim people because people fear what they don’t want to understand. trump-saluteThese are people who have stood up for Christians during militia attacks people of different religions standing together against a common threat because despite all the hate we have, despite all the pain we endure.

When we were all born, were any of us made to steal or cause others harm?

All we want is to live our lives the way we choose and to live them in peace; and the only way we can truly do that is if we begin to understand each other more than ever and make a change so we can all live in peace.

-Daniel Clatworthy-

Haven Review: Carmageddon Reincarnation

Max is back!

First up is our disclaimer. We received this game for review purposes only, and as such all opinions in this review are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

Carmageddon Reincarnation is a remake of Carmageddon 1, a driving game that got very famous due to it’s over the top violence.  There is no real narrative only pieces of text that slides by on the status screen. The most noticeable thing the series brought to the table is a wide open sandbox with a solid physics engine, they even included a loop and deformation. Any car can be turned into a compact cube. To make the experience even more over the top, there are powerups all over the map. Such as pinball mode, where everything that is not nailed down will bounce of  any and all surfaces if the object have inertia.

Max is back

Or springs that lets the player bounce the opponents into things, such as mines and pointy edges.
Any car in the game is unlockable and drives differently.  The original developers was very proud with heir engine and it shows in Reincarnation. Don’t think for a moment that it’s going to be easy to drive thin several meter long dragracer through a course, where the main goal is to either crush the opponent, exterminate all humans on the map or complete the race. That is also a thing the game got infamous for, there are several hundred living creatures called pedestrians on the map, which can be killed in a multitude of funny, horrible and or gruesome ways. To nail the point down, they also abide the physics engine and will lose body-parts.

Buckets of blood and body parts.

The concept is easy as it is challenging. with several difficulty levels, that  affects the powerup usage and the time gained from killing and crashing opponents. personally I did most of the career mode easy, but that’s because I mostly becasue its fun and the opponent can get a bit frustrating on hard.  Should you actually get hurt, there  is an auto repair key to hold down that will fix any damage for a cost. For some reason this also cures death, which would cause a game over, which is a good thing, since I can escape the loading screen. To unlock the next set of levels points are needed, but dying and repairing the ride cost points, which means its totally possible to go into negative points. As the game progresses new multiplayer modes are possible to host. Also new upgrades can be bought from tokes found on the map.  Cars that can be unlocked comes with a prompt that says “Steal worthy”. Crush the puny enemy to a bloody pulp , win the race and it’s all mine to misuse. Each ride is unique with various spinning blades and pointy bits that slices dices and falls off rather easily.  Each driver has an image at the bottom of the screen and a name which is often a painful pun.
So far customization is just a list of skins to pick from and two sets of rims. One which can be found somewhere on the map. The real meat of the experience for me is the absurdity of it all, exploring the map and just playing around with powerups. Gather enough time and take a trip through the country side, there are bound to be some loops and hops around there. The replayability comes from achievements, completing the various goals on each track and playing through all levels with each car. This is much harder than it sounds. There is also a fleshed out multipalyer mode, with many match choices with pedestrians all over the map.

You will die a lot

A very important point to note is that there is some profanity and crude humor, also a lot of mutilation. Though it’s mostly British profanity so it should be too mild for most people these days. The biggest reason for the reaction back in the day was the blood and gore.  The game is mostly centered around the teenage demographic and people caught up in nostalgia. However it is an unique gaming experience and a piece of gaming history. With physics and fully smash able cars, did I mention that? Decent graphics and the fact that it runs okay on most computers does help. The music on the other hand is a mixed bunch, if you enjoy Fear Factory, thats good for you. Just no my cup of tea. Since they are one of the more noticeable bands behind the Carmageddon music,  The game have easy to pick up controls and a simple interface, with full gamepad support.
At the time of this review, it’s still in public beta after it got green-lit on steam. So there will be bugs, such as long loading time and random crashes, however those will soon be fixed.

The steam store page

The company home page

-Njal Sand-