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Haven Editorial: Fishy Game Fishing

There is something fishy about fishing fish in games. I have done it, you have done it. We as gamer’s have all been exposed to it at some point. I’ve tried a lot of games in my time and these pesky reward riddled mini games shows up all over the map. That being said, let’s take a closer look at some of these and see how various developers handled it and if the price was worth it.

Stardew Valley has a fairly decent and robust one. Which is also annoying as all hell. A town fellow hands you his old bamboo rod and leave the rest up to you. Equip some bait, apply force and throw the line into water. Wait for a bite and start reeling in, by tapping the button just fast enough to keep that fish inside the slider. Every now and then extra treasure appears as well. Yes it is definitely worth it.

Final Fantasy 15 and the boy band road trip also features one. Because why not flesh out Noctis skill set with something useful. Equip a rod, put on an alluring lure and make sure the fishing line has durability left. It’s one of those where the lure will be lost when the line snaps. Once the proper preparations has been completed, all I have to do is to aim at some fish silhouettes and let it go. Press the key a couple of times until one of the little buggers bite. Getting it to shore is then all about moving my rod in the same direction as the fish, whilst reeling in and reap the rewards of a new recipe.

The one in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time is my favorite one and no other game on this list comes close to that. Even if it resembles the one in Final Fantasy. Some desperate dude has a shop in the middle of Hyrule with Link as his only customer. I just have to pay the price, run around the place and pick a spot. Make some movement with the rod to attract a fish. Reel it in and move the stick a little to the left, to the right and backwards. Combined with a very dramatic camera made for quite an experience. Then turn in the biggest runt for a piece of heart. Or just find that hidden lure and go for that unique and very hard to get fish, which randomly appears. Only to get some extra dialogue for the trouble. Hylian Loach I believe its called.

Breath of fire 2 did it in a very annoying way, I dare say. I throw the line in and press a while hoping one of the fish is close enough to see  it and then bite. The problem is that I suffer from a limited amount of times I can press the key. Especially tricky with a treasure chest, since it will sink, resulting in a precise button timing challenge.

Pokemon has always been very simple in the approach. I place myself next to the water, hit a and wait for an exclamation mark before I click again. At lest you’ll never get a worm waterlogged boot on the hook.

World of Warcraft does it much the same way, but I have to actually click on the lure when things bite. Such as highly aggressive wagon wheels.

Meanwhile Black Desert made it into a directional key input challenge when I reacted to the prompt. Or I could just ignore it completely and let the game do the job for me, when I logged out. Yes almost every skill in the game can be set to afk farming.

All I’m saying is that some games does it well, whilst other botch up the mechanics and make the mini game boring.
That’s just several existing examples I can recall. Since I don’t play fishing simulators.

Haven Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops III

First up is our disclaimer. We received this game for review purposes only, and as such all opinions in this review are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

bo3_wallpaper Right, so where to begin with this one? I primarily play Battlefield. I love EA’s Battlefield.
I have primarily avoided Call of Duty (CoD) because the obsessive fans started claiming it was the best game franchise in the whole world. I gauged the community based on them, and thus have avoided the title.

But now as a game reviewer I know that I have to get in-depth about the titles I play, and at long last I have finally touched a Call of Duty game: Black Ops III (if you were too lazy to read the subject line for this article).2950188-black_ops_3_provocation_wm_1444637304

Now as I started playing, the controls felt somewhat familiar. It seems there’s a universal setup for first-person shooters (FPS), so there’s virtually no learning curve for me. The only thing that’s different is the fact that there are now two different kinds of grenade, tactical and standard; each with its own properties, which I found pretty nice.

At first I found the “specialist” setup to be a bit confusing. I was hoping to play with each of them in turn before deciding on which to use. Ultimately, I choose The Battery until I reach level forty-something and unlock The Mech. I am a Mech fan. I was also taken aback at just how many weapons there are in the game and really had a hard time picking a useful setup. Then a very disgruntled player with fifty kills shouted, “Use a shotgun you f–king noob!” I took these words of wisdom to heart. The pump-action shotgun, while slow to reload, is pretty much a one-shot kill on anyone (assuming you manage to hit them). It’s an ideal weapon for new players!

Now a thing I didn’t really like about the weapons is the fact that you must level up your character account in order to unlock them. What’s more, even after you reach a high enough level, you need to use special tokens you get from leveling up to then select the weapon you unlocked. You follow that? I hope so because it’s really annoying. The game forces you to play with others to unlock the equipment you want. Some pieces of equipment (mainly specialized weapons like the wrench, combat knife and various other melee items) can only be unlocked by using CoD Points or CoD Tokens, which you use to buy chests. You open these chests and pray they contain a desired item. I was lucky enough to get the combat knife on the first try, and I’ve seen enough YouTube reaction videos to know that it’s a big deal for many players.

Another issue I had with the game is simply the maps. Yeah, people like the maps and I did find them easy to memorize, which made it easier to kill people…in contrast to Call of Duty‘s long-time rival, Battlefield. The latter simply does it better due to its massive maps and teams. I just think that Call of Duty tossed everything together too quickly; it feels cheaply made.

Hell, even the “fall physics” in the game are hilarious…seriously. If you shoot someone down from the sky, they will tumble like something out of a cartoon. This isn’t even taking into account that I’m playing this on the PC, which is horrifically bugged to the point that it feels like Minecraft with guns. Textures don’t even render everything properly. They wind up being a single bland, opaque color. Not to mention a lot of the characters look like this gem right here from my game play:maxresdefault

But ultimately the determining factor for the game isn’t based on its story. In fact, I neglected to mention much of the story in this review because I’m focusing on the core aspect of Call of Duty. Readers want to know how the multiplayer experience is, and what I can tell you is this: I was wrong, there are assholes out there…loads of them. But as much of the PC Call of Duty community has shown and told me: “Don’t buy the console version. Buy for PC because people on the PC are more civil and understanding!” So in this case Call of Duty: Black Ops III is indeed worth it; at least on PC. I honestly hope they fix the bugs, as they’re really the only disappointing feature for me.

So is it worth investing in Black Ops III at the moment? Not really, no. We can’t live-stream it and we can’t record it without it crashing. Even my friends are unable to join me in game. It has so many bugs, you’d wonder if the title wasn’t still in Early Access and made by Warner Brothers. I recommend playing Black Ops II until things are fixed.

-Daniel Clatworthy-