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Haven Reviews: Evil Genome

Haven Reviews Evil Genome

A fiery red head is shot down over a dirtball of a planet, then proceed to wake up with no memory and a questionable ai companion. Despite the amnesia she still kicks ass and takes names, while uncovering a contrived plot with some odd twists and turns.

A smooth skill based combat system, where the character only attack, or dodge when given input. The transition from kicking, to shooting dodging is smooth and very responsive. As enemies and bosses dies, loot and experience points is gained. Which unlocks various fancy skills and passive effects, when the gained points is spent within the skill tree. The world itself is littered with pickups hidden here and there, some that can only be reached with specific abilities and upgrades. Lot items can be sold, gives stats and other benefits as well. Yes Evil Genome takes a lot of inspiration from other side scrolling platform games and it works. 

Evil Genome looks very nice, especially the character models and it’s very easy to see that they put a lot of effort into them. Which is a stark contrast to the brown, bleak dust bowel of a planet the game take place on. Small texts of lore and exposition can be found as well. A bunch of minuscule side quests and a truck load of talkative npc.

Aside from an relentless onslaught of enemies and horrible nasty monsters, there is always a decent challenge to be had, because evil genome is not shy about throwing big burly bosses in your face.

Unfortunately the voice acting is a bit stiff and definitely very wooden. It’s not to shabby for a localization, just a bit flawed and flat to say the least. The subtitles does have some annoying comma and white space errors, but that’s rather minor complaint. Other than that, there is moire loading than I would like for a game of this nature.

Personally I feel that the game is a bit heavy handed on giving the player achievements. Even if there are several in game rewards. Seriously I got an achievement for watching the intro and one for opening a chest.  Other than that the a Chinese dialogue, with English subs would be a welcoming addition. All in all a solid game, with rough edges soon to be patched out. But it’s not a game I can recommend for most casual players or for people who are very picky about questionable Asian dubbing.

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Njål Sand


chinaflagThe SAPPRFT, apart from sounding like a wet-sloppy fart, is in charge of censorship of film, television, and radio in China. This government department has recently turned their attention on the upcoming Deadpool film. They have given their decree that this movie shall be banned in the land of China. Deadpool is just way to violent, lewd, sexy, and fun for their fragile sensibilities. Normally when a movie comes along those fart monsters down at the SAPPRFT change it up and make it safe for the children. Not with Deadpool. The PFFFSTHSPF couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on with the movie and every cut they made, turned the final movie in more and more nonsense, at it being Deadpool, I’m certain that it’s already nonsense to start with. So “to hell with this” they probably said, and tossed the whole thing in the garbage, right in front of the man from Hollywood who had given them the film to review. The most tragic part of this is that they got to see the Deadpool movie before I did. And obviously they didn’t understand it. Hollywood should have let me see it and decide if it was appropriate for Chinese audiences. I’m sure the general populace would appreciate my decision much more than the governments.

Not only is this decision hurting the Chinese people, by not letting get to see the movie, it’s also hurting the American film Industry. China is the second largest consumer of American films. Especially the Marvel superhero movies. They have been a major source of income for Chinese Theaters around the country. Now that Deadpool, One of the most popular characters in Marvel Comics isn’t coming that lack of money is going to show, both here in the states, and more importantly in China. The department of *fart noises* has said that the movie is too likely to draw children to come see it, since it’s a superhero movie. Since they’ve decided there is no way to tame it down, they’re just going to get rid of it entirely so that the impressionable youth wont walk around yelling the “Fuck” word at every Chinese official that they meet. Here in the states we have a robust rating system (which has a ton of it’s own issues) to keep that from happening. In China all they have are those few brave stinky farts at the SAPPRFT. We’ll have to see what comes about from this when the movie launches in February, but I have a feeling that China’s diligent hacker community will see to it that Every Chinese child will get to wake up to Deadpool on Valentines morning.

-Jordan Kamm-