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Tabletop Editorial: Cards “For” Humanity?


Cards Against Humanity (CAH) has quickly gone from a little-known indie game to a worldwide phenomenon in a few short years. It’s a vulgar card game, meant to combine horrible things with horrible ideas. The company behind the game has done little to hide their image as the rudest game developers around. They’ve even gone as far and to stage several public stunts to enhance this image. For Black Friday, 2014 CAH sold on their site the $6.00 Bullshit Expansion. Inside the box however was not more cards to add to your game, but something far stinkier: literal bullshit, like from a bull’s butt. In the mail 30,000 people got a small box containing a good portion of poop. There wasn’t anything else. No secret cards, no message, no nothing…except poop. In 2015 CAH came back with another Black Friday “sale.” This time the asking price was $5.00 (a discount!), but instead of getting anything nearly as exciting as poo, people got jack all. The site clearly stated that your $5.00 wouldn’t get you anything. You were just giving it to the company. They made over $71,000 doing this. What assholes. However, they are lovable assholes. Cards Against Humanity has been known to sponsor some great charity work. They’ve donated to organizations like Worldbuilders, Donorschoose.org, and the Chicago Design Museum.

The people at Cards Against Humanity are ironically pretty active humanitarians. And the money they got from selling shit? It all went to Heifer International, an organization that brings cows and other livestock to villages around the world that are in need. The money they got for absolutely nothing? Well, they kept all that. No one is perfect, but doing something like setting up a $500,000 scholarship for women looking to get into science deserves a little windfall…especially after what they’ve continued to do.

Most recently, the CAH folks wanted to do something nice for the factory workers in China who print and assemble their product. The workers have had to deal with the substantial growth just as much as the rest of the company. Cards Against Humanity wanted to give them something that they all desperately needed: a paid vacation. In China, paid vacations are pretty rare, and there really wasn’t a formal way of doing it. So CAH did the next best thing; they paid for the factory to run at 100% capacity for a week, while producing nothing. During this time, everyone in the factory received full pay but were able to see their families and spend a little time for themselves over the holidays. Cards Against Humanity loves to look edgy and rude, just like their game. But deep down they’re all wonderful people.

-Jordan Kamm-

Site News: Borderlands: Everyone Needs a Hand.

Hey everyone as you know we got a charity pledge coming up and we are trying to raise
to help people in need. We all know what is going on with ISIS and how essentially people are getting killed, and having the shit kicked out of them and well a lot of people are now homeless.

People have been trying to come across into the borders and long story short its a lot of refugee’s and a lot of mouths to feed. There is a lot more details but lets face it were a gaming organization and if I ranted about their situation or all the other problems the world is facing I would bore you so lets get strait to the point shall we!borderlands_the_pre_sequel_logo_61262

July 31st to August 2nd we will be playing thru the entire collection of Borderlands that means we will be playing. Borderlands, Borderlands the Pre-Sequel and ending it up with Borderlands 2 the reason why we are doing this is simply because everyone needs a hand now and then.
Ever been down on your luck? Ever been so broke you wish you could afford that $5 Pizza from Miss Moxxi’s place? Well I certainly do and I have been there before so I want to help out and so does my team! maxresdefaultSo if you want feel free and drop a dollar or two towards the International Rescue and also feel free to join us for our charity pledge where we will have a few surprises for everyone who joins in also!

Assuming they get here in time for the pledge. But We can’t spoil the surprise just yet and thank you everyone for listening to what we got planned and remember it only takes one person to make a difference in the world. You just got to be willing to work to make that difference.

Update 1: Thanks to the people at International Rescue you can donate now if you want too!
Update 2: Seeing as how it starts later today time to reveal the big secret Gearbox has kindly
donated a lot of goodies to give away during the pledge so big expecting that! You don’t got to donate to win free goodies!

5pm PDT, our twitch channel!

-Daniel Clatworthy-


Nerd Editorial: ASSEMBLE! (A Bionic arm)

So recently it’s come to light that Robert Downy Jr is working with the “Collective Program” to help reduce the price of bionic limbs. The idea is that 3d printers and about $350 worth of supplies will create not just working robotic arms, but also allow the people who need them to have them customized.

Video of Alex receiving a new Iron Man arm from RDJ

This is great for the community as a whole and great for people who have through one means or another lost a limb through disease, amputation, or other means. This process can help people get the help they have wanted for so long but were unable to afford it.

To read more about “The Collective Project, click here

(Disclaimer: This is in no way shape or form evidence that supports the idea that robots are slowly taking over our minds and bodies in an attempt to overthrow humanity and rule the world)