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Haven Review: Xmas Shooting – Scramble!!

Fruitbat Factory is at it again bringing us another delight from Orange juice! No, not the beverage that got our YouTube channel suspended for three months. The game design group! This time its Xmas Shooting Scramble!

Like its previous Bullet Hell titles its come out with like QP – Shooting is dangerous we are back for another round of insanity and mischief lead by the chibi’s from that as far as I know represent their development team at Orange Juice.

This game though has a plot, which at the very moment you start arcade mode you are chasing down someone who has stolen the presents from Bunny Girl Santa! That devious little bastard, Who dares steal from Santa! Well besides villains like Team Rocket and other characters throughout the history of games and television.

But back on track on track now, the game controls just like its predecessors and its pretty easy and straight forward to the point where anyone can pick it up and start playing it and have little to no issue understanding the controls, the configuration, and everything else.

It really feels like they just re-skinned QP-Shooting is dangerous in terms of mechanics and just made a new story. Which is forgivable in this case because its a bullet hell game and if you are like myself you just kind of expect bullet hell titles to just be pumped out over and over again. There isn’t anything wrong with it unless they “literally” just re-skinned QP – Shooting is dangerous and trust me they didn’t and they did manage to fix a few bugs as well.

Like their previous titles the music is very delightful and spot on, as is the actual gameplay where you can challenge your friends and family and prove to them all you are the dominate gamer of the household and that your bullet hell skills should be recognized.

But what it ultimately boils down to is do you like Bullet Hells, do you like anime ladies dressed as Santa, because you know thats a fetish and people are into that. Do you also like cheesy dialog to explain why you are firing energy waves and protecting yourself with little reindeer than look no forward! When Christmas rolls around we have found the ideal game title for you that is not only nicely made, runs smooth as silk, but also has lovely animation in terms of game design in it.

If you liked QP – Shooting is dangerous than you will definitely love this title.

-Daniel Clatworthy

Otaku Review: Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers

First up is our disclaimer. We watched this anime for review purposes only, and as such all opinions in this review are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.maxresdefaulthd

This anime has left me with an irritation that no ointment can clear or calm. The animation style is great overall, as are the opening and ending songs for this twelve-episode series. From the moment the series starts, you are given no back story for the characters, and the main character…Adlet Mayer…keeps prattling on about how “I’m the strongest man in the world!” I kid you not, this goes on for about four episodes; kinda like how they paid Dan Green once to say “It’s time to Duel!” and repeated it throughout the entire Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise.

At times you feel like you can grow attached to certain characters. But honestly, considering how short the anime version is, compared to the manga, it feels forced and sped up hoping you will grow to like them. Now I am not saying the entire anime is bad, but for twelve episodes I was hoping for something more tantalizing. Yes it is a mystery action series and the main plot point is that there are six heroes, hence the title: Braves of the Six Flowers.

When these heroes meet up to stop a Demon from reviving, there are actually seven of them. They all end up trapped in a fog barrier that won’t let up until they discover who trapped them. They must either kill their captors or get them to lift the barrier. That is when things take a turn for the worst; they all begin to suspect each other. As luck would have it, Adlet Mayer, being the main character that he is, becomes the prime suspect; believed to be an impostor working toward the Demon’s revival.

Now here is where I was actually drawn in, as the series started making me pit characters against each other. I enjoy a good mystery. However unlike a mystery series with Hercule Poirot or Sherlock Holmes, we aren’t given all the facts at the start and thus you cannot guess who it is as you go. So you try your best to break down all the facts, only to be disappointed; unless you just get a lucky guess or you read the manga.screen-shot-2015-09-12-at-4-23-52-pm

Truth be told, after the series was over I was kind of happy. It leaves off with another cliff-hanger, which forced me into reading as many Wikipedia sites as I could find. I discovered that the manga isn’t even over, and that there is a traitor among them!

Overall the series was a nice watch. I binge-watched it, however I hated the premise of it not giving out all the crucial details. After all, it is a mystery style anime. However if you enjoy action and a bit of mystery, then this is definitely an anime worth checking out.

-Daniel Clatworthy-