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Haven Editorial: Reborn Boss Besting: Shelly

The Pokemon Reborn bug queen!

The art of besting Shelly in Pokemon Reborn. A while ago I decided to look up some Pokemon fangames and I came across several full fledged titles.

I had to fight the trainer known as Shelly, she is a pink haired gym leader, whom likes to spam bugs in dual battles. If this was one of the official games, I would have crushed her monsters hard. But alas it was not easy at all. I brought a burning slug to the fray, it got stuck in a pile of rocks. Despite me putting the forest on fire. In theory I was hoping that the flames would consume the enemy in a inferno. But they survived and retaliated. Then I brought a bird, a mighty Unfezant, whom mighty plumage brought the mightiest of bugs to their knees. Until it took a Dazzling gleam to the face and was no more. The flying pink psychic elephant fetus took down some, but eventually fell as well. Despite many, many tries I just could not beat Shelly in a fair fight.

There are a couple of thins you should know by now. Pokemon Reborn is hardcore difficulty wise. Which means that if you exceed the level cap set by the current gymbadge, Most Pokemon will ignore your orders completely. In the case of Shellys gym, the cap is 35, and her is somewhere below that. This limit exist in all the games, it’s just much, much higher. In Reborn each badge after the second one only increase the level cap by five. But that is not main issue though. In most games I hardly ever see critical strikes occur at all. However in this game they are very much a real thing. Naturally this mean that some luck is involved.

The second problem is the very limited selection of practical Pokemon with elemental affinity. Especially rock, ground and fire are very hard to come by early. So far I’ve found two types and I use both. Eventually I came up with a brilliant idea, to crush her bugs with living stone. In this case a Sudowoodo. That three looking stone fellow, whom hate water. I trained day and night to make him into a champion. It was not to be, he got killed before I could even launch a single pebble at the enemy Pokemon. In the end I had to rely on a burning fire slug and an oversized Dove. I set fire to the forest with a plume of lava, followed by a Wing attack and they fell like flies. Until the thrice cursed Anorith entered the field and managedto pull off a rock slide. The bane of all flying and burning creatures in the Pokemon world. Lucky for me Shelly somehow missed.

Which means that luck was the only reason I won the damned bug battle.

Njål Sand

haven Reviews: V2000

v1 V2000
Retro games and insane challenges is a thing these days. Let me give you a challenge and a treat; A real lesson in game design for all those hard core macho players out there. V2000 is a very odd game with a fun concept but a very flawed execution. According to the story and in-game intro dragons attacks a series of small worlds with a contagious virus and giant bugs among other things.
In order to fight this infestation a weird vtol (vertical take of and landing) craft is deployed


The main reason why the game is so damn hard and broken, is the controls. The craft can’t slide sideways and aiming is quite shit. Nor can the camera actually rotate, which makes this a very tricky business. However the game is far from impossible and each level is unique and interconnected. In order to win the nest has to be destroyed and the infestation must not reach critical mass. Or enough civilians die. Tough at that point it’s just to hit restart. Sure there are extra lives, but those are limited. There are only so many medals to collect. On is gain from finishing the level, while the other ones are hidden in various spots.

The other challenge is that each level is a puzzle of sorts and usually require weapons from another world. Hover these weapons can only be unlocked by ferrying civilians off to the factory, where they will produce new upgrades and guns. After all some enemies are bullet proof to the max. The craft itself has two modes, flying and floating and can be submerged by carrying a weight.

Graphically the game was quite decent for its time, with waves in the ocean, some physics and in full 3D. Naturally the physics is what makes things so hard at times. Touch trees, fences, buildings and such and the craft takes damage. Not only that it will also be bounced backwards as the thing in question usually explode. Which makes the fixed camera and floaty craft a real thorn in the buttocks to deal with. Which surprises me a little that games like the Silver Surfer has been been completed and recorded. One of the very noticeable challenges in V2000 includes, drowning white lizards things through mind control. Rolling boulders down a cliff and have them crush various hives, which otherwise are immortal and a slew of other challenges. Each world is different and very, very challenging.v3

Back in the day the PC version apparently had a versus mode as well. Tough the PC version will not keep the save file when exiting. Naturally this makes the Playstation the best version, if you can get a copy and get it running. Emulators can be a fickle mistress when it comes to weird old and virtually forgotten games. Also, good luck searching for a copy, V2000 is a painfully generic title.

Njål H Sand

Tech Review: Facerig

review-facerigFacerig is a very unusual program where you can actually have a lot of fun. So much fun in fact, That I have literally spent a few hours alone on it, just talking to myself and learning the software so I can make some funny videos later.

However, I’ve found a few notable problems with the software and after a quick Google search I’ve learned that they are either still working on fixing them, or that the developers have stopped caring about fixing them.20131215151557-FaceRig_alpha-stage_03_-_Copy

When I first tried recording with the software, I was met with a loud hissing and static noise that made it impossible to hear my own voice. The problem was that the software doesn’t auto-detect your microphone/headset, rather it sets its own default (even if it’s disabled). This was odd, but regardless I set it to my headset and moved on. But even after doing that, recording with FRAPS was also pointless because it still detected the audio input according to the earlier settings.

But after trying LoiLo I was finally able to clear up the audio for recording and it was pretty great. I really enjoyed it overall, however after restarting the program I found out that the software does not save all of your settings and you must manually reset your microphone and headset each and every time you want to use the software.FaceRig Games

Now this is what I meant by the developers not fixing the issue yet after a quick Google search I learned that this has been a persistent problem for the software and even after a year you think they would fix it but they haven’t so far.

But let us move on to the actual software, it does have a lot of variation and once you do get your webcam working and microphone working for lipsync the animations you can do are incredible, however this all goes without saying that you got to make sure its all probably being detected by the software each and every time you use it.

Their exporting feature also for video and audio is a little disappointing which is the reason why I am relying heavily on using Loilo or FRAPS for the software to get better results, they even have a green screen feature for the software which is amazing for editing the images into other videos but if you are using AVS or other software it won’t be as good as you would hope.maxresdefault

All in all by its own right the software is remarkably fun and I have literally killed a bunch of time on it and the bugs I have encountered although widely known has not stopped people such as myself and others from using it.

I recommend you pick up the software and give it a try sometime it’s really amazing.

-Daniel Clatworthy-