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Haven Reviews. Seinarukana – The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2

     Haven Reviews. Seinarukana – The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2

Starting off with a dramatic and quite prophetic dream, the kind that spoils a possible future to prevent. Which ends with our hero murdering some companions and getting impaled on a spear. After this violent nightmare, the hero wakes up hugging the violent bombshell of a slugger. I mean femme fatale, Scratch that. Overly emotional and unstable childhood friend. A complete package, equipped with a very mean and over exaggerated uppercut. Comes complete with it’s own dramatic frame. Because it’s always okay to beat up someone for being mostly innocent. Quite frankly I loathe that type of person. Domestic abuse is not comedy gold. Naturally it starts in Japan, on a Japanese school. A true, tested and generic setting for your average school uniform clad teenager. 

Credits where credits due. The characters looks quite good and has a decent range of emotions. With the expected range of colors, personalities and romantic options. The environment is quite imaginative, with some really stunning locations. Naturally the game comes fully voiced, with great many music scores to set the mood. An impressive amount of effort has been made to actually add some animations and life to the characters, depending on how much action goes on. There is still a lot of tell don’t show and some padding. 

Combat looks quite good indeed. However the resolutions leaves a lot too be desired. It’s very small. The turn based battles take place in a 3d landscape.  The environment here leaves a lot to be desired. Low resolution textures and a lot of clipping. Combat is deceptively simple it seems like. Before combat a team is composed. Based on elemental strength and weakness. Each one is assigned a role as well. Some are good at supporting, while others are good at attacking. Like the main protagonist. All the characters comes loaded with skills. After you engage a fight in Seinarukana, the combat plays out automatically, at least for the early game lot fights. Later it becomes a tad more tactical. Where roles and formations can be switched around. Every now and then there are branching paths, where a series of battles occur in a row. The camera never stops spinning though adn the combat map interface sucks. 

I truly love the ability to, play the game with only using the keyboard. Games that does this is a true treat. I can rapidly skip though the text as well, by holding down Ctrl.  Since there are a lot of endings and choices throughout the story to rigger various events and endings. This comes quite handy. Because the game is around 50 hours long at least, give or take a few. It also depends on the player actual reading speed or if you prefer to listen instead.



Disclaimer:  We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this.

Njål Sand

It’s time for a Rebirth

DC, after 5 years of The New 52 has finally done it. They are once again rebooting the Universe and setting things up for a new era of comics. Honestly, it’s less of a reboot and more of DC stepping away from the core ideals of The New 52 and readdressing their series. It’s a return to a form of DC comics we haven’t seen in a long time. It’s important to note that I’ll try and avoid the big spoilers of the book. But in order to properly talk about the implications I will need to address a few key moments. If you’re just interested in the fate of DC comics going forward, we’ll get to that. As for now, I need to go into the details of Rebirth #1 and what they all mean, at least to me.

The book opens with a disembodied voice, that we learn belongs to Wally West. Not the new 52 Wally, but the original. Kid Flash, The Flash, Wally West. He talks about how he’s been gone for a while, trapped in the speed force. He says that ever since Flashpoint (the event that kicked off the New 52) things have been different. Things aren’t right. He says that the only way for him to return is for someone to remember him. First he goes to Bruce Wayne, who is deep in the mystery of the Joker. Batman learns a surprising fact that will propel him into his next arc, when Rebirth properly comes out. Wally is unable to connect with him, and is once again pulled back into the Speed Force. Before he tries to reach out again he muses on the fact that the events of Flashpoint didn’t create the new universe. Someone from beyond time and space has been reaching in and removing bits of time, sometimes decades. Next Wally reaches out to Johnny Thunder, another speedster from the golden era. A member of the Justice Society, Johnny mistakes Wally for his lost companion, Thunderbolt. Wally, unable to make the connection is once again hurled out of existence. Again Wally muses. He says that the one thing that has been missing from the world is Love. The thing that his unknown being has taken is the love and hope that the heroes of this universe once had. Ollie Queen and Dinah Lance, once deeply in love, have been set apart by the being. He witnesses Aquaman proposing to Mera, and realizes that’s the connection he needs to make. He needs to reconnect with his once love, Linda Park.

Here is possibly the most interesting part about Rebirth. This is essentially Geoff Johns saying the thing that has been missing from the new 52 is love. Love between the heroes. Love for saving the world, and crime fighting. New 52 has been so dark and dour, things need to change. There needs to be a sense of happiness brought back to the DC universe. His connection to Linda doesn’t work out. She doesn’t remember who he is and once again he is sent back. At this point he realizes he can’t connect to anyone and he’ll be consumed by the Speed Force. He sees the new Wally West save a little girl’s life and he remarks that he isn’t needed. His mantle is in good hands. He then goes to make one final visit. He goes to see Barry Allen, the current Flash. He goes just to say goodbye. Once again Wally remarks on love. He says Barry always has a smile on his face. He says Barry is the only one left who actually loves his job. He loves helping people in need. Wally says that Barry is the only hero who stops and talks to the people he’s rescued after. Wally and Barry have a heart-felt meeting, even though Barry doesn’t recognize him. Wally tells Barry that he’s the reason Wally’s life is so great. Barry has been an inspiration because of the love he’s shown the world. Wally is no longer so obsessed with returning to existence and is happy to part because of the love for the life he once had. At this moment Barry recognizes Wally and pulls him into existence. Wally then tells Barry about The Being.

We finally have the return of a hero who has been lost to us. We finally know that the new 52 was created not by the Flashpoint, but rather by someone removing love from the universe; someone experimenting on the entire universe, seeing what would happen if love was taken out. This mysterious Being is the DC company, and Wally West was a voice for both the writers wanting to work on something new and the fans wanting a change from the dreary New 52. Over the course of Rebirth we get a few glimpses of other heroes, such as The Atom and Blue Beetle. We see Superman from the Louis and Clark series, as well as the pre-crisis Superman who died in his world and appeared on earth prime. This gives us a good look at what other series will pop up in Rebirth. Ultimately DC is going to return to more light hearted, fun stories. The grittiness of New 52 has put a lot of people off of reading DC and it’s time to change that. Happiness and Love will return to this company and we’ll see what new exciting stories will arise.

As for what’s actually coming out? Well, there are a lot of different rumors about what’s happening. But as far as I can tell, several series are sticking around, several are being discontinued and a bunch are being merged into a single series.

The series going forward are as follows:


(an inspiration of the return to form that DC is going through, and the notion that the comics will be more like the originals in tone, both Action and Detective will return to their original numbering)

• THE HELLBLAZER (John Constantine)


As for what’s still around, there are again a ton of rumors. But most sources point to these being the only series going forward and everything else will either be promptly canceled or phased out over time. I for one am really excited about everything. I loved reading Rebirth. I think it was brilliantly written and there is so much more analysis that can be done. I just lightly touched on some major themes and gave a run-down of what happened. If you are interested in a deeper analysis with all the spoilers of the book, please read:


It’d be unfair to say that what I wrote was entirely from my own ideas, and that I didn’t take influence from the aforementioned article. Happy reading fellow comic fans. I hope you are all just as excited about this as I am.

-Jordan Kamm-

Haven Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan

Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael

Four turtles and a very intelligent rat who got covered in glowing mutagen ooze, became humanoid and smarter. Aside from becoming as smart as humans, they have an unnatural caving for pizza, partying and talking in surf lingo. Not only do they have the names of four famous Renaissance artists, they are also highly skilled ninjas. Eventually they crawled out from the sewers and decided it was a good idea to fight crime, as the city is infested with “Foot Ninjas” commanded by the terrible masked Ninja Lord “Shredder” and his

Worst bomb disarming scenario ever!

questionable henchmen. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) is a comic book turned into an animated series, then another series and one more series after that (not to mention several games). Personally, I never grew up with the turtles, but I’ve watched some here and there in different incarnations. Some of them are actually quite good and very entertaining. Regretfully, English is my second language and I can’t pronounce the name of this game! TMNT is an action game, where you fight as one turtle, while the rest is CPU-controlled. You can also play with others online. Let me tell you, the AI is not very smart, nor is combat rewarding, interesting or engaging at all; you will die a lot. Luckily, reviving is as simple as pressing the correct key. This is at least a thing the computer is very good at, they are quite relentless in their quest for revival. Too bad this does not hold true for survival. The basic strategy is to beat things until they stop moving, and flail at floating foes! The enemy is not much better. The lot of them can get stuck in different places and spawn out of nowhere. The worst example of this is a bomb-diffusal mission in the middle of a subway track with speeding trains. Unless the timing was picture-perfect, it was impossible to disarm the bomb.

A visually confusing slow mo finish!

This is done by holding down a key until a bar is filled. The moment I was almost done, the damn train ran me over and flung me into another oncoming train, which in turn made me a permanent wall fixture. That is the biggest problem with the game. Sequences where I have to transport something somewhere are total crap…even if they did an honest attempt at making it varied, such as balancing on a ball. Fortunately, there is a silver lining to it all. Most of these minor quests only incur a light penalty if failed. However they all have a pesky timer. Each level has a boss at the end, who is taken straight out of the turtles rogue gallery, and they are all dumb as stones. That’s saying something when one of the more beefy mooks roaming the levels is just that, a rock soldier!


Anyone familiar with the way Platinum Games handles combat, then there is not much to say. One of the level’s random orbs has a small chance of dropping a random usable item and points that can be used to upgrade abilities. When the player reaches a certain level, each turtle can be equipped with four different abilities and charms, which add extra bonuses. Other special attacks have a healthy cooldown timer. All turtles can spam shuriken and normal attacks, When the enemy eventually glows red or orange, the player can dodge and instantly retaliate, with correct timing. Don’t expect your AI partner to do such things. It will just do a relentless series of attacks and focus on reviving its allies, including the player. Every now and then it’s possible to stealth-kill enemies that have not seen you yet. It’s possible to give the AI different orders, but those just make them even dumber and more useless. The best bet is to wail at the enemy with sharp pointy things instead. It’s totally possible to grind on any sort of railing in the levels, from feces to pipes and electric cords, where live wires could be considered a serious problem.

Multiplayer is a very streamlined and simple process. However it’s not possible to turn voice capture off; only to set the volume to zero. Luckily there are very few annoying kids to play with. I’m not convinced people actually play this game or know of its existence. Bosses are terrible things with annoying patterns and horrid attacks that must be dodged at all costs. The environment is also littered with ulockables, such as comic book covers from the original series. Too bad it’s not the comics themselves.  Replayability comes from the different difficultly levels, skills to unlock and grinding.

TMNT is the riveting poster boy for being repetitive. The music is composed of short loops that keep on going and going and going. I can’t stand those at all. The fact that the whole cast has way too few lines does not help at all, either. Hurling ninja stars will cause the current turtle to switch between two lines of dialogue, which are not very good. The voices are okay for the most part. The models in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are decent, cartoonish and quite polished. The same goes for the levels, that unfortunately reuse assets a lot. The new sewer system clearly goes all the way down to the center of the earth and also comes with an intelligent sewer shark. Despite how similar the turtles look, there has been a vague attempt at giving them different personalities (aside from their tell tale weapons and color-coded masks). One is a glutton and a walking joke, while one is kind of serious and short-tempered. Then there is the overexplained geek and the snarky thrill-seeker. The voices and cut scenes are not bad, and the character animations are decent, I’ll give the game that.

Game play video, its a must watch!

Personally I can’t recommend this title at all, unless you happen to be a masochistic die-hard turtle fan, and are also bored. At least it has a decent frame rate, polished graphics and cartoon-like art direction. A friend or two is recommended for optimal happy fun time.

If you feel like it, here is the Steam store page.


Disclaimer:  We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

-Njål H Sand-