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Otaku Review: Vandread

My first encounter with anime, as I’ve come to know it, was Vandread. Everything prior to it was either Pokemon or Moomin. In the Vandread universe, men and women live on two different words, which are at war with each other. The beginning sequence follows a ceremony where a new flagship is to be launched and Hibiki has lost a wager and is trying to steal a Mecha. Just as a team of pirates strike, stuff blows up and the prototype ship fuses with the pirate ship. From there on a space adventure with a very unlikely and gender-segregated crew begins.

The show has 26 episodes divided into two seasons; a move that condenses the plot into 75 minutes and a manga. The main theme of the series is the different perspective between men and women who are learning how to live together after being raised on separate worlds…a true culture clash of epic proportions. This is all wrapped inside a deeper plot, complete with character development, tastefully ecchi content and beautifully drawn characters. We follow the shenanigans of the crew and the stubborn, cocky spiky-haired main character, as well as the ditzy alien-loving Dita, who keeps referring to Hibiki as Mr. Alien.

Indeed, this is bonafide scifi show after all, with 3D animated space fights, where he can “merge” his Mecha with the female fighter crafts. This results in some awesome combinations with some rather suggestive cockpit and crew placements! The supporting cast is nice and varied, though they borrow quite a lot form stereotypes. Luckily there is no violent tsundere as the main love interest. Too many shows includes a headstrong, sexually insecure girl whom beats up the boy for just looking at her, even when it’s an honest accident.

In an ocean of questionable animation quality, this is quite pleasant to look at and very decently animated. Due to 3D being used in space, it does not feel out of place at all, even though the 3D has not aged that well. However, it’s a very nice way to avoid the uncanny valley. Naturally there is a stupidly catchy theme song that will probably get stuck in your head. I can’t go too much into the plot details, since that would ruin the story. However the whole series is on YouTube, it seems. The dub there is not too bad; however it’s still a dub.

I enjoyed it, as I’m sure you will as well.

-Njål Sand-

Otaku Review: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Oh the animes I have watched. This anime by far takes the cake as one of the most creative in the fantasy genre.JkgVzfB As you watch, you learn that in the world they live in, Gods and Goddesses have come down from Heaven to live with the humans and experience their way of life. Working hard to get a meal, suffering and dying as well. By bestowing upon their followers a blessing, they gain the power to fight monsters.

The series continues with a old man telling his grandson, Bell Cranel about how he has to venture into dungeons and pick up women and how to be strong enough to impress them.
It’s then that it cuts to Bell Cranel running for his life from a giant Minotaur, and he is ultimately saved by a woman known as Azia Wallenstein…for whom he falls head over heels.

isitwrongtopickupgirlsinadungeon02That is what kicks off the series, with him trying to become a great adventurer so she will recognize him and fall in love. But like many series along this fantasy line it also is a “harem anime” with every girl he meets crushing on him something fierce. This creates a lot of tension for the character, and he’s as dumb as bricks (like most male protagonists in this situation).

However despite this, the show remains entertaining as it focuses a lot on Bell’s growth as a person who wants to become a Hero and impress the ladies. Anyone who gets a blessing from a Divine being gets a “status” which records their Strength, Intelligence, Speed, Endurance and all the other stats you would see in your standard Role-Playing Game (RPG). As he progresses through the story, it becomes apparently clear that he’s growing too fast, thanks to an extremely rare skill.tumblr_nnpbw82rfR1uqb1gdo10_1280 As he continues his adventures into the dungeons to collect magic stones to make some money, he is met with a lot of hostility and very unlikely comrades; although at times this creates more problems than it does good. Like a true hero he continues on not thinking about it and not giving up on the friends he makes throughout the series.

In short, as he grows stronger his situation compares to that of an RPG character that you or someone you know has probably played. You start out as a Level 1 rookie and in the end become some overly-powered, sword-wielding bad-ass with enough power to one-shot even the strongest enemy boss.4JJneQ8

Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon is a re-imagining of old-school fantasy, with a little bit of gaming and a little bit of harem for something that works really well and leaves me wanting more. I hope they honestly make another season so I can keep following this great anime. But in all honesty it probably won’t happen.

Regardless, I totally think it’s worth checking it out.

-Daniel Clatworthy-

Haven Review: One Piece Pirate Warriors 3

First up is our disclaimer. We received this game for review purposes only, and as such all opinions in this review are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.maxresdefault

One Piece is the manga that has spawned such a beautiful anime. So popular in fact that it’s known overseas (obviously outside of Japan), or why else would I be writing about it?
The hero, Monkey D. Luffy, is constantly getting into all sorts of trouble because of his kind nature. His aim is to be King of the Pirates and find the treasured “One Piece”. Now the series has been going on for a while and shows very little in terms of slowing down. But I am not talking about the show here…I’m going to be talking about One Piece Pirate Warriors 3.

The game follows the exploits from the series Luffy’s Adventures, starting all the way in the beginning to where he is now. Where Zoro, Sanji, Nami, and the rest joined his crew and headed for the Grand Line. The game is setup as a strategic battle, much like Dynasty Warriors. After all, it came from the same company so that explains that.g

My problem is that the AI for the enemies is incredibly stupid and it feels like it hasn’t been upgraded since the PlayStation 2 era. I grew up playing Dynasty Warriors with my friends and it gave us endless amounts of laughs because the AI would just stand around as we ran through killing them all. I always anticipated it was because of the PlayStation 2’s processing power, and with so many enemies it just couldn’t keep up with the demand.

However here I am on a first generation i7 and the enemies just stand around pointing guns at their heads and firing shots in random directions. Occasionally they try attacking the air; always fun to watch. Although if you are a fan of One Piece you would probably be playing this more for the story, and honestly that’s why I’ve been dying to review it. I haven’t got a hard drive big enough to store the entire series and I don’t have the time or bandwidth to catch up viewing it all.vjump-april-issue-shows-off-new-810x456

I cannot criticize the story, though. They’ve stuck very close to the series for the most part, and that means a lot to me as a fan. The company is willing to stick it out and not change anything, the way a lot of companies might. The controls for the game are pretty straightforward, and clock amazing response rates as well.

In some games I always have the issue of the speed between my attacks slowing me down. But they have now set it up in a way where no move is wasted, which takes a genuine effort in coding. The music for the game is spot-on and really gives me the feeling like I am in the anime, battling alongside all the other pirates! At times I feel the sudden urge to shout “Gum Gum Gatling!” as I mow down hundreds of enemies at a time.

The only problems I had besides the game’s AI is the fact that leveling up is so convoluted; it makes little or no sense. You beat enemies and get coins. Those coins then allow you to upgrade your stats equal to the level you are. The coins you get are limited to the enemies you fight so you must replay certain stages to get all sorts of different coins to fully upgrade your entire crew. It’s extremely time-consuming and irritating.one-piece-pirate-warriors-3_1419242941

If you’re running the PC version of the game, Mr.AntiFun probably has a nice trainer that will fix all those issues for you. But that’s if you want to cheat…just throwing that out there. Overall though, the game really delivers on the One Piece experience and is great for helping people get into the series as a whole. I do honestly recommend it despite the AI sucking and the irritating coin bit, mainly because I have gotten far into the game without the need for the coins…and the AI is really, and I mean really stupid.

-Daniel Clatworthy-