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Otaku Review: Knights of Sidonia

Knights of Sidonia

A Netflix original, mostly 3d animated, manga adaption by the same name. The master mind and author behind this series is Tsutomu Nihei. Whom is well known for emotional scenes, striking vistas and insanely huge and complicated environments. His previous work Blame! Took place in a huge ever expanding mega structure. This time around it’s a science fiction epic that takes place in a generation ship. A asteroid made into a humongous spaceship that has been traveling for generations though unknown space. On the run from some very, very creepy and clearly organic beings. sid4These monstrosities looks like something out of a Lovecraftian nightmare and will shred you to pieces with razor sharp appendages. Meanwhile try very hard to fight them with rocket propelled mecha. Which uses lances among other things as weapon. There is a reason why it’s called Knights of Sidonia, Naturally the students also use them to joust during combat training. By now you should know that this series is in no way affiliated with the Knights of Cydonia song from the band Muse.  Interestingly enough this puts it somewhat on the hard side of the science fiction reality scale,  Though the Guano as the thing they is know as, is anything but real.


The main protagonist Nagate Tanikaze is a fairly decent one and is just shy of being a spike haired loud mouth. Tough he has his moments. Since he is from outside the system he’s the odd one out and slowly but surely he gains the respect of his peers. However this is a seinen  series, which gives the characters a lot more emotional flexibility, which also make then infinity more expandable. I will not go into more details, as few people like spoilers. Almost everyone with a name can die and probably will die.  At least this holds true for the first half of the series. Nagate, is a bit of an oddity that emerged from the under belly of Sidonia in order to raid the rice storage. Naturally a chase scene ensues, he got heavily injured and eventually got conscripted. By the way, have I mentioned that anyone can die? I just had to be sure. For reasons unknown to me there is also a female baker bear in the series as well.


Mi biggest complain would be that I feel that there is something seriously wrong with the framerate. The animations have a nasty habit of getting choppy. There are plotting and visual differences between the manga and anime, but it’s mostly faithful. There are also cases of naked breast in the comic. sid6

All in all a fairly enjoyable show, based on a very decently drawn and made manga. Though at times I wish that Knights of Sidonia was drawn instead. But you know what they say; taste is a butt, split in half and the middle is shit. One thing that also stands out is the overuse of the color white, as everyone seems to parade around in their uniform all the time. Keep in mind this is not a child friendly series, there are a lot of violence, blood and people dying in gruesome ways.














Njål H Sand

Tech Review: Facerig

review-facerigFacerig is a very unusual program where you can actually have a lot of fun. So much fun in fact, That I have literally spent a few hours alone on it, just talking to myself and learning the software so I can make some funny videos later.

However, I’ve found a few notable problems with the software and after a quick Google search I’ve learned that they are either still working on fixing them, or that the developers have stopped caring about fixing them.20131215151557-FaceRig_alpha-stage_03_-_Copy

When I first tried recording with the software, I was met with a loud hissing and static noise that made it impossible to hear my own voice. The problem was that the software doesn’t auto-detect your microphone/headset, rather it sets its own default (even if it’s disabled). This was odd, but regardless I set it to my headset and moved on. But even after doing that, recording with FRAPS was also pointless because it still detected the audio input according to the earlier settings.

But after trying LoiLo I was finally able to clear up the audio for recording and it was pretty great. I really enjoyed it overall, however after restarting the program I found out that the software does not save all of your settings and you must manually reset your microphone and headset each and every time you want to use the software.FaceRig Games

Now this is what I meant by the developers not fixing the issue yet after a quick Google search I learned that this has been a persistent problem for the software and even after a year you think they would fix it but they haven’t so far.

But let us move on to the actual software, it does have a lot of variation and once you do get your webcam working and microphone working for lipsync the animations you can do are incredible, however this all goes without saying that you got to make sure its all probably being detected by the software each and every time you use it.

Their exporting feature also for video and audio is a little disappointing which is the reason why I am relying heavily on using Loilo or FRAPS for the software to get better results, they even have a green screen feature for the software which is amazing for editing the images into other videos but if you are using AVS or other software it won’t be as good as you would hope.maxresdefault

All in all by its own right the software is remarkably fun and I have literally killed a bunch of time on it and the bugs I have encountered although widely known has not stopped people such as myself and others from using it.

I recommend you pick up the software and give it a try sometime it’s really amazing.

-Daniel Clatworthy-

Early Access: RWBY Grim Eclipse

First up is our disclaimer. We received this game for review purposes only, and as such all opinions in this review are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

RWBYGrimEclipseWe have lost a great talent last year named Monty Oum, who helped bring life to Ruby Rose.
As a fan of the show I can say that the work he has done for Rooster Teeth in making RWBY is unlike a lot of other shows; not only in its voice cast, but in its story as well.

Rooster Teeth
has said they plan on continuing his works and are dedicated to bringing them to other mediums as well; one of which is RWBY: Grim Eclipse. Now as I write this, I want it to be known that the game is still in Early Access. This review is no way a reflection of the final product. However that being said, I plan on being honest about its current state in hopes that notes are taken regarding its current design.    maxresdefaultasdf

The game plays as a simple hack’n’slash where you battle across various chapter stages, trying to find out what is going on with the Grim. When you start, you can pick your character from team RWBY. This includes Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang. As you battle your way across various stages you can collect artifacts and fight Grim to unlock abilities from your character’s “ability tiers”.

The abilities you choose can help develop stronger fighting styles or just enhance your moves. The max level cap is 10, which is also how many ability points you can get in one run. After each play through your characters abilities are reset. Besides the abilities during combat there are a wide array of Grim to fight, many of which have already been seen in the show, as well as a new type exclusive to the game!maxresdefaultqwer

Although the game is in Early Access, it has a fair amount done in terms of its story and it leaves you with a cliff-hanger at the end of Chapter One. I only hope that the animation will be better than what we’ve seen in the RWBY show. As it stands, a few scenes in the game could do with some re-working and touching up, such as when the building collapses.

My own personal thoughts are tied to the story, where it is fun to play as Ruby Rose. It doesn’t really build upon the world we are experiencing; we are just seeing another story of a character we all love and enjoy. It would be interesting if they took a Rockstar Games approach; have the story written from the protagonist’s viewpoint and play through the game like that. But when online capabilities come in, a player could create a custom character and experience the story firsthand through their own avatar! It would not only expand the story of Ruby, but it would also expand the world in which she lives. Players would feel more involved and enjoy the deep, thriving world that Monty Oum tried to make.g

A more solidified tier system for abilities would be useful, as well. I am no stranger to designing games in my free time. I see RWBY: Grim Eclipse and think of how well it could benefit from an ability list like that in Final Fantasy X; being able to expand and grow not only on their own merits but the merits of your team. For example, we know Yang and Ruby each have their unique fighting styles, but as a team they would operate as a grouped unit.

If Weiss were to give Ruby some of her dust, she could utilize it in a new manner of attack, as could Yang. If Ruby or Blake taught Weiss some of their techniques, they would be all the stronger for it. As it stands for me right now, the system which they have in place isn’t very strong and it gives the game a short shelf-life in terms of play-ability.527581541_preview_RWBY-GE_02

Given that the game is largely unfinished, I hope the developer does right by Monty and that his works continue to shine for many years. I hope that when Rooster Teeth does read this, they will at least consider some of the ideas I’ve put forward here.

-Daniel Clatworthy-