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Haven Editorial: Captain America – The Representation of a Nation

Now, first and foremost I know I am probably going to get a lot of heat for this from a community of comic readers out there, but it’s my website so I will say what I want and you’ll are going to have to live with it.

Captain America one of the idealist poster boys for Marvel both in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and also in the comics. However in recent events he has taken somewhat of a dark turn after the cosmic cube rewrote his personal history turning him into an agent of Hydra and he’s slowly begun killing off all the heroes he fought alongside all these years.

But when you think of it, Marvel has always taken a very steadfast stand on politics. They have been using their comics to illustrate a point to the readers; at least from my perspective they have been.

Sam Wilson is currently the new Captain America fighting for truth and justice the same way the Captain America of old once did. However he is a liberal of sorts and that offends a lot of people, but the classic Captain America; Steven Rodgers represents the old America or in this case the current America.

Look around you; you see riots, brawling, racism, fascism, and hatred causing the country to literally tear itself apart at the seams. As a person who’s lived outside of the United States I can assure you that American’s are not taken to very pleasantly weather in be in Europe, the Middle East, England or other countries out there. We are looked down upon because of how we treat each other and when you think of it.

Captain America the person we all knew, loved, and trusted being the enemy is profoundly accurate because this is what America is. We let people live our lives without any choice of our own like the President being Donald Trump right now, who is trying to pass a bill that states that anyone with a variety of illnesses can no longer receive medical care such as me.

Yet, we have a person like Bernie Sanders who is standing up for us, against all odds and fighting for our true rights that we think we’ve had. Bernie Sanders is essentially the New Captain America with his political views not being in line with the main stream media.

We are at the cross-roads as a country, both in comics and in the way the nation is run and by who its run. We see the enemy and how its drawing closer, but a lot of people have trouble accepting this as a truth because of who it is. But Marvel gave it a face, a name, and a cause Captain America the original Captain America is a Hydra agent who thinks that controlling people is the best solution and we have to sacrifice our lives, and our freedoms for this cause.

No man can be controlled, just as no one can stop time from moving forward.

The only way this situation could become even more clear to people is if Donald Trump took Captain America’s shield and did a hand to hand fight with Bernie Sanders. It’s sad though, that the times continue to move on, and the people we thought we could trust turn out to be our greatest enemy.

Comics are a means of expression just like all other forms of art, but at the same time each art form is meant to help invoke a emotion, whether it be pity, remorse, anger, or despair. If anything the story that is unfolding right now before our eyes is real, just as the struggle to choose to keep on living a dream or face the reality of the situation outside our door.

America is considered the enemy, to a lot of people, and is viewed with such atrocity that a lot of people want to leave.Those who choose to stay, have to come to terms with the realization that, this is the path they choose, they choose to fight for healthcare, they choose to fight for their lives that the government could deem forfeit at a given moment.

But for those who want to leave, but can’t you will have my eternal sympathy.

-Daniel Clatworthy


Haven Review: Broforce


First up is our disclaimer. We received this game for review purposes only, and as such all opinions in this review are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

To protect freedom and democracy with extreme prejudice and big guns. When terrorists attack, America retaliates and sends in expendable heroes with big guns and questionable ethics. After all, only you can save freedom.

I chose to review this game because I had a great time playing it. It’s a deceptively simple platformer/side scrolling game. The player can jump, shoot, throw grenades, knife attack and hang on to walls. The challenge and fun comes from the explosives that litter the environment and chain reactions when something is lit on fire or explodes, such as the roof falling down. The most noticeable thing I mentioned earlier: virtually everything can be destroyed. This can become an issue when too much is destroyed and it’s impossible to get to the exfiltration spot.

Broforce_parachute_mooksEach hero is unique with a special ability and weapon style. There’s Neo who only punches things and slows time, while the Chuck Norris-type character uses a shotgun and calls in airstrikes. Due to copyright and the love of puns, there are heroes such as The Brodator and Bronan. I leave it up to you whom they are supposed to be. The most common way to win a level is to get to the top and kill a devil in a suit next to a flag or destroy the boss. An action hero is expendable and can only take a bullet once. So in order to succeed, you must release prisoners and reach checkpoints. Each time a hero dies a random hero takes his place, unless you are out of extra lives. Also, a new bro is unlocked after you get a certain number of rescues.


It’s at this point that I must mention that it’s violent, bloody and hammy. The graphics are pixelated and vibrant. For the most part it’s very easy to recognize everything, unless there are a lot of things blowing up. Aside from the main story levels, there are a lot of user-made ones and a level editor to make it more long-lived. To top it off, there is also the possibility to play co-op with random people or friends…both online and local. I have yet to try this function, but I can only imagine it will be chaotic and insane.

Untitled-1Boss Intro Illustration

However there are some issues with loading times, especially when playing it online. It just takes too much time. Also there are suicide bombers; I don’t like those at all. Some bosses have really annoying introductions that slow down the game and can often lead to untimely death. This is in part due to the game’s poor field of view and camera angles. I’m talking about you, Megacopter Boss!

The music is good but not memorable, mostly due to the stuff going on. The in-game sound effects fit perfectly and do not cause my eardrum to rupture. All in all, this is a title I would recommend for people who like platform games. It’s over-the-top action and mayhem. For extra ham, there’s a narrator at times with a growling voice. The end credits is both melodic and awesome.



Get it fresh on steam.


Visit their website as well.


-Njål Sand-

Haven Review: Lego Avengers

logoFirst up is our disclaimer. We received this game for review purposes only, and as such all opinions in this review are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

Lego. Most of us grew up with these amazing little building blocks of joy. I know I did and I really enjoyed making up fantasy worlds with them. Speaking of fantasy worlds, Marvel Studios and Warner Brothers teamed up with Lego to create Lego Avengers, and I must say it maxresdefault-4-1449431835938is my first Lego game title.

Right off the bat it throws you into action and gives almost no guidance as to the controls; for the most part it expects you know what to do. I didn’t, but after a while I finally got a pop-up saying I needed to hold “B” and play as Hawkeye to shoot a Lego rope.

I was quite literally shooting things across a small river for nearly half an hour before figuring out what to do, and that wasn’t even the worst part. They’re is a vast degree of puzzle- solving involved to get past certain obstacles. It has left me confused and dazed, but to other players (hell probably even a ten-year-old) the game is a lot easier to play.

I’ve always been worried about the learning curve with the Lego titles after seeing many popular YouTubers, such as ZackScott play them and what I thought was easy wasn’t…but enough of my ranting about that.fgtv.dimensions.ny3_

The story is pretty good and it follows the plot with Age of Ultron which I really enjoy, and Lego Ultron just looks ridiculous in his design and it even gives me a good chuckle with his dialog.

I am really enjoying the twist Lego has been putting on cinematic movies and other famous characters. The game also sticks to the family-friendly regimen, reminding all of us that we have imaginations and that we should use them. It brings life to fantasy characters in a way both children and adults can enjoy.

Now the orchestra for the game sounds at times like it has been ripped exactly from the Avengers movies and I’m not sure if that was intentional. But either way, it fits for the theme of the game and stays true to its roots in that aspect. Although since it is a game, it expands upon the Age of Ultron story line a bit more. That is to say the story is still good, it’s just I feel like some of the places in it could be cut out.screenshot 2015-10-09 15.13.24.png

Voicing for the game is also spot-on and I really love how they brought the characters to life; most notably Iron Man. But I think a fault for the game lies in its reluctance to instruct newcomers on how to play a Lego title. Everything about the game is good, but that. Perhaps they will release a update and add a tutorial so that people like myself can get a better handle on the controls.

In the end I do recommend Lego Avengers for its great story-telling, its diverse characters and its great soundtrack. If you ever get the chance, I recommend picking up a copy.

-Daniel Clatworthy-