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Haven Review: Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R


A little late then never, we got our hands on Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R on Steam and it’s time to give it our review.

Now right from the start the opening cutscene seems really well done, showing off yet again the characters you expect to see in the Guilty Gear franchise; from Sol Badguy to Ky, and Bridget as well the notorious transvestite that has had many a young boy questioning their sexuality. Nah, I’m kidding, but when they reveal Bridget as a guy it does get pretty hilarious.Guilty-Gear-XX-Accent-Core-Plus-R-not-work Now once we get to the menu I’m slightly confused, as I have music blaring into my headset and it’s really hard to navigate and focus with it. But at long last I found the options menu, only to discover the sound is not there for whatever reason. I noticed afterwards that the sound is a completely separate option, and lowered the sound. It seems ridiculous though, not to have all the options in one spot.

You would think that with a port they would do a little more fine-tuning and make sure it’s all good, but they couldn’t be bothered with that. So after that, we move into the training mode where we just get a feel for the controls. Just like all the previous Guilty Gear titles, there is nothing wrong with them. The game controls fine and it’s very responsive. In fact I’d go as far as to say it responds better than the previous titles did, and was really easy to pick up.GG1-620x

So we break into Story Mode playing as my favorite character, Ky (mainly because of his notable blue and white outfit that is the reverse of my own coat). Loading up with Ky I get a feel for the story and its general setup is a bit disappointing. They just move the characters’ faces over the top of the screen so signify who is talking, before going to the combat. The most ridiculous part about the entire thing is that there is a robotic Ky now who begins to shout almost religiously that data is the only truth of the universe. GG3-620xBut the robotics Ky designs is literally one of the worst things I have ever seen in general for anime-styled character, as well as it using the trope that because it was based off the original and it’s a robot it must be superior.

Conclusion: though the game is pretty solid for a fighting-style title, it ultimately lacks the appeal of a promising story. It also suffers from poor menu management. Other than that, it remains solid overall.

-Daniel Clatworthy-


Haven Review: Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-

20140822083031!GGXrd_Logo Guilty Gear: it’s gone through many changes over the years with iterations on how its been presented to us.
But just as consoles lacked the capabilities to play things which later get remixed and remastered, it goes to say the same for Guilty Gear.

Screen-Shot-2014-12-26-at-1.54.19-AMNow Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- is possibly the best version of the game to date with its own unique story, but with the same great characters you have been playing since day one. This game has kept true to its roots by fully embracing its design and game play, and removing unnecessary clutter.

I start first with the menu. It’s all clean, very well organized and easy to navigate. But in previous Guilty Gear titles they kept things a jumbled mess, even after it was ported and remastered. The mechanics of the game are also straightforward and easy to learn, as with some of the previous titles. But where the game stands out the most is in its visuals.guilty-gear-xrd-sign-08-23-14-1 The game is now using animated cut-scenes and diving more into the characters’ stories in a way they haven’t attempted before, and giving more depth to these characters.

The combat itself has gotten a rework using animation instead of its traditional pixel look, which it stuck to religiously for a while (apart from, Overture but we don’t want to talk about that game anymore…it only depresses me). The music also is astounding, much like you would expect in a really popular anime or hell, even a movie.
The game really begins to shine in every way it can now, as if it is evolving to meet rival competition from Capcom with their Street Fighter series. However the only real thing I question is simply some of its character designs and their weapon choices. GuiltyGearXrdSign_SS04As you will see in our linked video, you have a character who is literally attacking and damaging Sol Badguy; you know, the man who is possibly the biggest badass in all of the Guilty Gear series, with a freaking bouquet of flowers.

Hell, one of the character’s moves is literally just dropping a rose onto the ground that can do damage. So I am guessing not all things put into this game were thought through all the way. But considering that’s really the only true issue I have…besides the trope with almost all Guilty Gear titles on Steam giving me an achievement the moment I load up the game…it’s pretty insignificant.GuiltyGear-20 Honestly I am really impressed with just how far the franchise has gotten and just what they have done to it in the last few years. I really hope those who love the franchise and fighting games in general pick up a copy.

It really is very well done and I loved every aspect of it: its music, its design, its cut-scenes. It’s all flawless to me.

-Daniel Clatworthy-


Haven Editorial: The Quickest of Looks at Crashnauts.

crashnautsHeaderA new game has recently hit Kickstarter and we got a first hand look. It’s Crashnauts, created by local Utah indie game devs, Fueled by Rockets. Crashnauts is a multiplayer arena shooter with an interesting sci-fi art style. Before I get further into talking about it, I’d like to let everyone know that the version I played was an alpha, so this is by no means a review of, or reflective of the finish product. There seems to be something special here, and with more polish and a larger budget from Kickstarter, Crashnauts could be something quite brilliant.

Crashnauts-CharacterSelectionThe character design and art style is definitely the first thing that jumps out at me. I absolutely love the way this game looks. It reminds me a lot of the art style used by Behemoth. A bit of the ol’ cartoonish, coupled with ultra-violence is always a combination that I enjoy. The various races are unique and interesting. The Space Marines seem to have much more to them than the standard Space Marine look (one of the head choices is a retro-looking bubble helmet painted with a skull), and the Space Roaches look both silly and horrifying. The game play itself is really fun. The controls handle well and I never really ran into problems with them. I could easily maneuver across the stage, pick up a gun, and jump to the other side while blasting my opponent standing below. In several maps, there is the inclusion of teleporters.CrashnautsSpace They are a nice way to quickly move around, but they serve another much more fun purpose. You can shoot through them, and teleport your bullets. It’s a fairly simple device, but it adds a whole other layer to shooting. You can use them to angle both yourself and your weapon’s aim through them to pull off some cool trick shots, and it also helps sustain the kinetic nature of the game; someone can’t run through the teleporter to hide…your bullets will catch them. The number of stages is lacking, but once again I’m sure this is due to the game’s current alpha state. I love the few stages that there are however, and I’m really excited to see the creativity of the maps to come. I am also excited to see the next weapons. Crashnauts has more or less basic guns: long-raCrashnautsStartnged rifle, shotgun, machine gun, etc. There is one weapon that’s clearly my favorite. It shoots little bouncy balls around the arena that kill everyone in their path, similar to an old Quake gun. It’s definitely easy to see that the devs have taken a lot of influence from old arena shooters like Quake, and have brought them into a 2-D indie style. If they continue with ridiculous guns like this, and possibly a few melee weapons, I think the selection could create some unique and hilarious situations. I’m really excited about Crashnauts and am going to be closely following it’s development. If you are interested, head over to their Kickstarter page and check it out for yourself!


-Jordan Kamm-