Haven Editorial: Star Guardian Lux

Riot has done it again. They really like to tease and please the community, despite the loud minorities rude and retarded behavior. Regardless of that, Riot keeps adding new content, in this case they cater to even more fanbases. Sure it is just a cosmetic skin, but that does not make it a silly investment. A skin last longer than candy. That however is not my point, I just have to share this with the readers, star guardian Lux is mostly awesome and will a popular cosplay pick. From what I can see, it is mainly Sailor Moon inspired, with touches of other series and a lot of pink. It makes me a bit giddy, since I like the concept of Sailor Moon and magical girls. Though they have a bad habit of having too much focus on transformation sequences.

In the name of Demacia! I will punish you.


And a link to how it looks in game:

-Njål Sand-