Otaku News: Seiyuu Talents, One actor as many BOAT GIRLS!

While many may argue that Anime-seiyuu (Voice actors in Animations) often sound too similar, there are exceptions where a single seiyuu act out many different voices for several characters. This time we bring you a twist to this talent, Voice actors talking to themselves in an Anime.

Oh, Alice.. what do you mean? Why should I care?
Let this clip from the Anime “Kantai Collection” make your jaw drop!
Seiyuu Ayane Sakura here voices the characters; Sendai, Jintsu, Naka and Nagato discussing the new fleet member Fubuki (voiced by Fumire Uesaka).
Listen to that! 1 seiyuu, 4 characters in a single conversation! That’s talent I’d say..

Now to the plot, Because that’s always why we watch an anime~

KanColle is set in a world where humanity has lost control of the oceans to the “Deep Sea Fleet”. The only hope to counter this threat are the Kanmusu, a group of girls who possess the spirit of Japanese warships! The story revolves around Fubuki, a destroyer who comes to the Chinjufu base to train with other Kanmusu. Watch as their stories unfold!
(source: Crunchyroll)

What are you waiting for?
Ayane Sakura isn’t the only seiyuu playing several in KanColle!
For a full list of boat-girls and their seiyuus, Click here and Ye Olde Crunchyroll streams subbed episodes for Y’all fellow Otakus!

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KanColle Cast! Who is your favorite?? 😀


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