Haven Editorial: Scheming Control Scheme

Scheming Control Scheme

There are some people who will defend mouse and keyboard to death, as the superior way of controlling a game and to some degree they are right. However a gamepad is just as valid way of playing a game and it’s not that hard to implement. Some might say there are too few keys, however that can be rectified with combination keys. Sure in most competitive games such as League of Legends, CS and over watch is best played with mouse. However I’m not referring to competitive games here.

Diablo is a well known and lover series. That made people feel entitled to using mouse and keyboard as the best and only legit way to play. Never mind that you aim, run, attack, interact, pickup and almost everything else with it. Since most similar games copy this control scheme many of these games becomes chore to control. Why do I have to hold down a key to avoid running into the enemy? When having aiming and movement separately works just fine. I can’t really count the amount of times I end up picking up an item instead of attacking.

One might think that there are a key shortage on a gamepad. However that is all down to poor programming, planing and some ignorance. Here let me show you the glory of combination keys. Hold down a face key and press one of the shoulders. A very simple and very functional control scheme. Especially for games about ruing around and killing things in a top down perspective.

Yes the mouse is, however as time goes by the body stops being that awesome. Which means that prolonged usage of this device will screw the wrist over hard. Causing chronic pain and general discomfort. Yes tendonitis is a real thing and a real word.

From what I can see, there is generally only one reason why a lot of games don’t have support, especially older ones. Because it was not until the Playstation was a thing a decent gamepad existed. Ironically enough the Playstation version of Diablo have controller support with combination keys. Which means that a lot of these games was build from the ground up with an all in one solution.

I have no idea why so many people are triggered by the mention of gaming pc with a gamepad. Here are some wonderful quotes from elitist PC gamers. The kind with short temper, that just can’t accept other control schemes.

“You guys know the game cant be controlled with a controller right? You all keep asking controllers for every game as if a pad is not an inept piece of shit that cant play three quarters of the gaming genres”

“Those of you who prefer to play your “PC games” on the couch? I’m sorry but those are not PC games, they’re console ports of console games. Real, actual PC games are those like this one here, that support PC input instead of console control schemes”

From a business standpoint, having both gamepad, keyboard and mouse at the same time is the best way to do it. Since the game in question will be more accessible, which means more sales. And no, you don’t have to dumb down games and include auto aim and such. Just separate aiming and movement.

Njål H Sand