Tech Editorial: Retiring Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer to retire when Windows 10 comes out. It’s a sad but true moment when the browser we all knew and used for many years or at least until you realized there was a better and faster web browser out there. That Internet Explorer would someday be retired and Microsoft would move onto a new web browser.

But let us not forget the importance of what Internet explorer did for us. If not for Microsoft offering Internet explorer with their operating systems for free we would still have to go and buy a web browser.ie9-10
Like Netscape Navigator, but sense Microsoft offered us Internet explorer for free it caused browsers like Navigator to go belly up and ultimately help make browsing the internet free.

If you’re curious what happened to Netscape they went off and founded Mozilla and in such created Mozilla Firefox, and Thunderbird which a lot of people including myself use till this day.
I know a lot of people don’t know this and it’s okay and now you do. Just remember when you use Spartan, Google Chrome, FireFox, Opera, and Safari what our favorite blue E did for the world and for you.

It may be the bane of our jokes in the tech industry but without it. There probably wouldn’t be any free web browsers today so we can safely cruise the internet.
So with that being said, let us take a moment to remember the fond memories we have had with internet explorer.

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-Daniel Clatworthy-