Haven Editorial: Refunding on Steam??

Quality control and game making has never gone hand in hand. Especially when people think they can get away with it and make a quick buck. I’ve personally been hanging around the game market for decades and every year I’ve encountered bad and broken games. The reason why I feel like bringing this up, is due to the influx of junk on Steam and several pc ports from the big wigs of the gaming industry.

As you may or may not know, it cost 100 bucks to get a game greenlit on Steam. Then the community is supposed to curate the product themselves and vote for the games they feel deserve to be published. Since words can not describe the share amount of bile on the pile. I highly recommend checking out Jim Sterling, he made a living of recording these horrid monstrosities.


After steam introduced refunding policy that allows you to refund a game for any reason, unless you’ve played it for over 2 hours and had it for 2 weeks. At least last time I checked. Fancy that, a basic consumer right is now preventing mega corporations from leaving their broken products behind, cluttering up the system. Such as Batman, Arkham Knight, Saints Row 2 and a whole lot of other games from known and unknown developers.

Many people out there have no concept of criticisms, quality and sarcasm. Infact over half the world fail to grasp irony. Such people have no problems putting out buggy, broken and bad games on Steam. 100 dollar is clearly not enough.

I bring this up now, since we seem to forget the past and keep doing stupid things into the future.

Njål Sand