Nerd Editorial: Raptus 2015

Raptus 2015

Every autumn there is a comic expo in Bergen, Norway. It’s a place where geeks, collectors and cosplayers mingle for three days; a place where pro and aspiring artists gather to sell comics, collect autographs and much, much more. Size and scope-wise, Norway is tiny with a very limited market. Despite this, a lot of famous artists and fans come to visit. One such attendee is the enigmatic Mike Collins, a man who draws super hero comics as well as images for Doctor Who.

Since they’ve moved the operation to a place called Litteraturhuset there is no entrance fee, and we can host a cosplay cafe right around the corner. Aside from panels where people talk and share their experiences, there are two cosplay competitions…one on Saturday and another on Sunday. The former is about being in character; the latter is all about the outfit. Naturally, I just had to try to win. Although I probably spent more money on tools and costume than the prize would have paid, it’s still fun to compete and hug the spotlight. For some reason it’s always Deadpool, The Joker or Harley Quinn that tend to win; mostly because they are well known and really put on a show! But in my honest opinion they are a bit overused…after all, there are more villains in Batman’s rogue gallery.

If any potential cosplayers read this, I have a challenge for Raptus next year. Try to pull off a sketch with both the Joker and the Bat. One important thing to remember as well, is that in poor lighting you need to hold a pose for some seconds. Otherwise you just get blurry lines.

Moving along, on Saturday they had ample time and a very good lineup with some last minutes contestants. It was light and fun. The focus was mainly on performance, where the ones who signed up days before got to pick their own music.

Sunday was a disaster. It was rushed and started off with a bang. The steps up to the catwalk slipped from under several contestants’ feet. This was the day to focus on showing off your costume (although some people have yet to learn how to hold a pose). It was fun, albeit somewhat disappointing.

Apparently, Gearbox Software provided us with a giveaway prize. It was awarded to the first place winner of the outfit competition.

The judge panel included comic book artist Tab Klimpton, as well as cosplayer Mia Maki.

Njål Sand

Since there were many costumes and guests, I have decided to show some pictures.