Haven Editorial: Questionable Online Game Conduct

Who is the biggest fool?

The questionable code of conduct in online games is when people are very hooked and focused on a certain sport or activity, they tend not to tolerate failure. Yet they often fail to include themselves in the equation. After all, these people are a part of the team. Essentially everyone can be mean spirited rude, competitive pricks who only look out for themselves. Naturally this holds true for me, as well (to some degree). However I usually notice my mistakes, acknowledge them and try to rectify the situation. Alas, basic human modus operandi is to blame someone else first. By insulting their parents, skills, sexuality and a whole slew of other slurs and creative words. In the end, the result is the same, someone is to blame and a scape goat is needed.

Since most people are only out for themselves, by nature we’re quite egotistical. It’s a crude and primitive defense mechanism. I notice this a lot amongst sports supporters and fellow League of Legends players (or any other MOBA, for that matter). Almost all players want to win. However most don’t know what it takes. They take too many risks, such as going off on their own without help. They then die brutally, usually from a knife in the back or a well placed laser. It depends entirely on the identity of the opportunistic killer. This brings me to a point.

Despite all the inherent negativity and self-defeating thoughts, there is a certain code of conduct. Most people don’t like it when players use terms  such as “noob”, simply because they’re new at something and lack certain skills. Then there is the classic “EZ”, which basically means the player in question found their victory too easy, and is now rubbing it into the opponent’s face. Amongst the more common ones there is REPORT, which explains it self. The funny thing about this though, it’s usually the worst player on the team who shouts it. These people are more often than not, ignored. Usually I report them instead if they do it too often. Since people want body counts, and kills seems to be the only thing on their mind, most players will complain and make crude jokes. In general these are the most common examples of things not to do when playing with others.

Another very common problem is poor Internet connectivity. Players afflicted with low net speeds have trouble entering the match in the first place. They then complain about lag and the annoying sods who rage quit. Essentially they became so mad and fed up that they leave the game, which can cause their team to lose outright. This is generally considered bad conduct as well, not to mention beyond annoying.

I’ve composed a list of common stupidities found in your typical League of Legends match:

* A player has disconnected from the game.
* I have lag/ ping. Usually over 9000.
* People whom run in straight lines, then get brutally eviscerated. (These dies a lot then do it again).
* Elitist bastards whom think they know best.(They usually die a lot).
* A very pessimistic person that wants to surrender at 20.
* Someone shouting report player. Usually someone bad and rude. (Oneself not included.).
* The rude butthurt bastard whom flames other players non stop.
* Insisting on playing Teemo in ranked. (Pro tip, he sucks donkey balls and a light breeze will topple him over).
* Finnish it quickly, I have to go (This one have not realized that a match can take up 50 minutes).
* First time [insert champion name]. (Don’t play untested champions in ranked, you will die a lot).
* People whom refuse to speak in English or can’t. (Most players on EUW knows English).
* Those that ignore common sense and do their own thing, regardless of outcome.
* A wood Xin Zhao player that jumps at anything that moves, then die a lot (at least 15 times).
* Never buys wards. (those shiny things that lights up dark places).
* A troll. (They just play to mess with people)
* The smurf. (Someone made a new account to kill bad players a lot, by being much better).
* Playing on a toaster. (A slow and old computer that takes more than 5 mutest to load a match).
* Players whom like to chase wounded people across the map. (They also die a lot).
* Last hitting, what is that? (The art of getting the last hit on an enemy, which gives gold).
* Only kill gives gold. (Killing enough minions will give you the advantage).

Generally speaking, the above are examples of bad conduct. So put aside your biases and never blame someone without evidence. This holds true for anything in life. Try to see both sides of a case and accept that you could be wrong before taking action. As I mentioned before, it’s inappropriate to complain about dying after wandering off, away from all possible assistance. Also, don’t play with a bad connection and remember, you are a valued part of the team.

Njål H Sand