Pokemon Fighting – Pokken Tournament!

There is a reason we love a lot of the stuff that comes from Japan. Tekken is a quite popular fighting game series that started on PlayStation. Contains a powerful and colorful cast, with some insane combos to remember.

Unless you’re one of those that has lived under a rock for a long time or some backwater place. Where you’ve been lucky enough to avoid internet interaction. Pokemon is a multimillion franchise owned by Nintendo. A huge series of games, anime and trading cards, where odd creatures fight each other, until one side wins. And these creatures are captured in tiny balls that children can use however they want.

And when you merge a fighting game and a mostly turn based rpg series, sprinkle it with some insanity and ingenuity, you’ll get this. Personally I’m not too found of fighting games, but this one could at least be fun to watch.

At least this is one step in the right direction to get a game that will truly capture the brutal and fast paced feel of a Pokemon battle. After all even the tiniest critter can level a city block under the right circumstance and young children are hardly capable of containing and controlling that power.

From the looks of it, the game-play is based on reaction, blocking and counter reaction. More so than usual since most of the creatures can spam range attacks. Even if I do enjoy the concept, I must admit that I suck at fighting games. I’m just looking forward to a more epic-scale and real time Pokemon game

In the meantime here is a Pokemon comic http://pokeventuras.smackjeeves.com/

-Njål Sand-