Haven Editorial: Pokedex Entry #149 Dragonite

Coming to owners of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games this June, players will be able to download a new event Pokemon. Dragonite, a long favored Generation 1 pokemon, is coming to american Pokemon trainers with a solid moveset. For those who play Pokemon, the move that will be available on this Dragonite are Extreme Speed, Dragon Dance, Hurrican, and Outrage. This Dragonite will also be holding a Lum Berry. No word yet if it’ll have its normal Ability of Inner Focus or if it’ll have its Hidden Ability MultiScale.


What I do know either way is that Dragonite is an awesome Pokemon that’s a lot of fun for any Trainer to use. He was one of my first Super Powerful pokemon all the way back in Generation 1 (1996), free to Spam the otherwise difficult move to acquire Hyper Beam. Dragonite fell of the grid of competitive play due to the Generation 3 pokemon Salamence being a faster, harder hitting, pokemon sending Dragonite back to Shadows. It wasn’t really until Dragon moves became more versatile and Hidden abilities came out that Dragonite started his rise back to the spotlight, bringing with him the ability to survive hard hits due to Multiscale. Multiscale is an ability that reduces damage taken when Dragonites HP is full. Normally a move as simple as Ice Beam is enough to dispose of Dragonite, but with Multiscale, Dragonite becomes a full fledged Tank in the world of competitive Pokemon.

As a competitive Pokemon player myself, I’ve also included a set of Dragonite that I use myself

2015-05-07 12.28.37

Dragonite will available to download at your local Gamestop from June 22nd through July 12th.

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