Tech Editorial: An Epic Move for the Unreal Engine

UnrealAfter 17 years and four generations, Epic Games has abandoned it’s pay-to-use policy on
the Unreal Engine.  This means that game developers and graphic designers can freely
download and install the product without the former $19 hit each month.

When designing games or other graphic-intense projects, there are hundreds of engines available.  Perhaps the most versatile is Maya, from which you can produce practically anything…games, architectural renderings, lawn furniture…you get the point.  But Maya is pricey:  $185 per month or $3675 to purchase outright for the 2015 edition.  Other engines
are completely free, notably Quake, but are not as powerful as their paid counterparts.

So what’s the catch?  The Unreal Engine (4th generation) is more powerful than
many other engines…and it’s free, right?  Well, almost.  If you go on to release a for-profit product designed with Unreal, you must pay a 5% royalty back to Epic Games.  This seems both nominal and fair.  Epic succeeds only if you succeed, and to proportional degree.

Will the free-to-use model draw more developers to the engine, or has Epic Games set an Unreal expectation?  We shall see.

Haven Editorial: Sega’s new route.

A little while ago Sega announced they were only going to be focusing on
the Mobile platforms such as tablets and phones for their games and in a recent interview
Takashi Iizuka stated.

Currently we don’t. Now this product only, select the smartphone as a friendly platform to the user’s, just say F2P and that was suitable for there. Personally, I don’t plan to stop Sonic for home-video game consoles. Don’t worry about them! And enjoy! — Takashi Iizuka
sonic_the_hedgehog___2006___by_hinata70756-d5pdfcc.pngAlright so we know everyone’s lovable blue hedgehog is safe but that leaves a lot of us wondering what will become of our other favorite titles. We know Sega has given up on Phantasy Star Online 2 ever coming across the seas to Europe and United States.However despite this I believe Sega will follow thru like they did with the original Phantasy Star Online. When they closed the servers they made the software for the game public so anyone and their friends could always have a Phantasy Star Online server to play on.
I hope that Sega doesn’t stop making games for other consoles but that’s just me.
I have always been a Sega fanboy and always will.If you want to ramble about this article or if you like it head to the forums!
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-Daniel Clatworthy-

Otaku Editorial: An the Oscar goes to!

So as many Dragon Ball Z fans out there know.
There is a new movie headed our way in which the villainous Frieza returns from the dead
to fight Goku and eliminate the earth but in a recent update it Frieza now has a power up
of sorts which make him look like a Oscar.
hb6rvvlzq8q2nvpxdgnnWhat does this mean for the Z-Warriors when Frieza lands on earth with a new power up
how did Frieza even return to the world of the living is a question I am curious about.
Maybe he has another brother like Cooler and this one is called Frozen? Hopefully we will find out soon and know what is going on there are so many unanswered questions floating around but one thing is for certain. They already have a Oscar even if it never wins one.

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-Daniel Clatworthy-

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