Nicky Morgan: Rustled my Jimmies. [Open Letter]

Hello Nicky Morgan!

First let me say I how I read your article and all I can say simply is.
You ignominious little twat. Art does not hold people back art is the soul of society.
Although I do not expect you to understand.

I have come up with a lot of ideas thanks to Artists but allow me to break it down for you. To become a architect you need some degree of “artist” talent that building your sitting in, in fact the chair you are even sitting in was most likely created by a designer who would have to have some degree of art talent to create.

10518631_10153063980155734_5656072176247108870_nMy Australian father is a tool and dye maker and the machines he works with he needs to have some degree of artistic talent to make those molds for the machines he works with. Cars all need to have a designer to design them. Doctor Who? That needs a time line and storyboard written and drawn out and that is done by Artists like

Steven Moffat and Mike Collins. Are you getting it now?

Even engineers relay on art to make their creations. What do you think they do just throw it all together and say “wha la!” No a designer has to help design the things they are making.

A lot of brilliant people have had ideas thanks to comics and television shows written by creative artists. Star Trek, Star Wars, NASA has been developing a way to travel thru space heavily inspired by Star Trek. Breathing life into what others thought a fantasy.

Another big area which in BOOMING in careers is game design there are HUNDREDS of jobs for game designers online and they all need creative writers as well as artists to design the game.Head

Do you not understand Art will never hold anyone back, art is the doorway to a infinite possibility. Just because you can’t draw or probably have no talent doesn’t mean you should imply to others that it will hold them back for the rest of their lives.

How dare you, How DARE you tell any artist out there that their decision will hold them back. You do not deserve to be in a place of responsibility for the education of children.

You are the type of person in the world that stunts a child’s growth because of your manner of thinking. Because you fail to understand the whole grip of Art and the effects it can have on people.

 -Daniel Clatworthy-