Otaku Editorial: New Dragon Ball Z plot Leaked?!?!

So the plot of the new Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F was leaked as of last night and the internet is conflicted on how to feel.








RoF is about the return of Son Goku’s rival Frieza and his attempt to have a real Rematch vs Goku and friends. He’s brought back to life with the Dragon Balls by some of his former henchmen. This is all stuff you can see in the trailers. What you can’t see is the new appearance of Goku and Vegeta in their new respective Super Saiyan God forms:

1507285_361331294038209_1087816469992761821_oInteresting color scheme, wouldn’t you agree?

Here’s anotheruuRgoG9

As you can see in this picture, this is from the new toy line coming this summer to Japan. The color choice of Blue over the standard yellow for Super Saiyan, even the Red from Battle of the Gods is an interesting choice. What’s most interesting to me is the fact that Vegeta looks to have finally caught up to Goku’s level.

Personally I like the idea of transcending the Super Saiyan God. It looked to me when I saw if for the first time neat but a little weak compared to Super Saiyan 3. This new form has potential in my opinion.