More Problems at Red 5

It seems that our friends at Red 5 Studios (Red 5) still cannot catch a break. In latest news, we have ascertained that up to about 40% of the staff will have to take a pay cut if they’re to continue working at the company. Investors are skeptical right now about Red 5’s stability.

Red5Studios_ColorSome employees have stated that they’ll only be getting 60% of their actual paychecks until more investors are lined up. It pains me to think that the developers of a game I really enjoyed is suffering this much, and that the employees are forced to bear it due to bad management.

They would not be in this position they had truly talented executives who understood the market. We can only speculate as to how long the company will be left afloat on the rough seas of the gaming industry.

I could go on for hours about how they had something great but then failed in its execution. A lot of the staff wish they could get out, but if they quit outright they cannot collect unemployment. But what’s even worse is that Red 5 continues to entice players into thinking everything is all well and good, when it’s not. We can hope that another company will eventually buy them out and continue to support their flagship MMO: Firefall. But that’s only speculation and hopefulness of players such as myself.

Of course, the company may somehow survive and find its footing before it’s too late. As it stands, I firmly believe that neither Red 5 nor Firefall will last through the end of this year. This is tragic and a not a few employees agree with me. You can have the greatest game, but if you don’t know how to sell it you might as well give up on garnering player interest.

Ah, well here’s hoping that something good comes along for the employees of Red 5.
Edit: The source came from a employee in the company.

-Daniel Clatworthy-

  • phulcrum

    Wow, just wow.

    If you have an editor then why are there still grammatical mistakes in your article? Also, like other people pointed out, there are no sources. I understand from one of your comments that it was from an “anonymous source” at R5 but that should have been stated in the article at least.

    I came here from a link posted in the Firefall subreddit and this is the first time I recall ever visiting this website. First impressions are everything and you did not make a great impression on me. Especially after being very unprofessional in your comments towards your readers.

    Good luck in your future endeavors, sir. You will need it.

  • Bill The Cat

    1. The specifics are pretty accurate.
    2. Your writing is completely unprofessional. Not just from a ‘news reporting’ perspective, but also from a ‘let’s try not to make every sentence a cliché perspective.’
    3. If you want to run a gaming blog, run a gaming blog. If you want to run a gaming news site, try to look like you know what you’re doing. The “Gaming News” industry is already infested with writers who wrote an article in the school paper once. Associated Press guidelines? Sentence structure? Openly sourcing your facts? I mean Jesus. Come on. Looking at your responses to other comments similar to this one, you’ll throw back a conspiracy theory, or I’m-Rubber-You’re-Glue equivalent, so I don’t know why I’m even bothering.


    • thewhiterose000

      I don’t know why you are even bothering either but to each his own.

    • ARES 1000

      1. The specifics are accurate.
      2. That’s your opinion, you’re making it seem like a fact.
      3. Try not being a dick on the internet for once, and please, don’t ever bother.

      4. Enlighten us, Captain Professional.

      • thewhiterose000

        Actually if you know what others want enlighten me.
        If you got a problem with how we handle things or how we write about things.
        Feel free to write the management,…. Oh wait… That’s me.

  • ARES 1000

    I’m relatively new to Firefall, 33 days to be exact, been on every day, playing for hours and whatnot.

    Anyways, being fairly new means someone wouldn’t be as experienced in a game but it doesn’t mean they can’t spot the problems with said game… Red5 is leaving a lot of visible content untouched, perhaps for future release but it simply means there won’t be any hype in the game as long as the eye candy (e.g. Arclight) can’t be interacted with, of course it’s “just eye candy” but it could be so much more…

    Repetitive actions and same old boring raids, pretty basic crafting system for a game with such potential, as well as a time-consuming transportation system are all bloody flaws, especially the transpo part.

    All Red5 has to do is take in consideration the player feedback and actually use it to tweak the game, there’re no players without the game and no game without a playerbase. Tadaaaaa

    Now I could go on for hours about this flawed system and we’d still be getting nowhere, I apologize in advance for the constructive criticism rather than a straight response/review of the post, but I just felt like this needed to be out there somewhere.

  • Mad

    the sad part is the original mission statement contained a a line saying they would never ignore community input … then came the durability fiasco.

  • Anon

    I can’t take this site seriously when you don’t have a Footer Content.

    • thewhiterose000

      Shit thanks for pointing that out, I knew I was forgetting something.
      Thanks Anon!

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  • EmpireSalvage

    You just explained that the information above is unverifiable. So you’re admitting this is an editorial, and not an article based in fact. That’s all I wanted to know. Thanks.

    • The way it sounds from you is that you are a board of directors member who wants someones name so you can take them to court for discussing what is happening at Red 5. Which everyone at this point realizes from the AMA on reddit that is what they are trying to do to emplyoee’s.

      The Firefall subreddit probably brought you here and the AMA’s there “cannot be verified” because they never got a name and it would make sense that you are trying to find a source for something that they obviously don’t want to be found out on.

      But that is just what I think, who am I to discuss this with you, the fanbase knows they fucked up, the company is known for fucking up, and the only reason why anyone would be arguing this point with a no name journalism group is either.

      1. their with the company.
      2. their with another journalist group wanting a scoop
      3. their just wanting attention by being negative on a persons press site.

      Pick your poison.

      • Bill The Cat

        THEY ARE = THEY’RE


        • thewhiterose000

          Its why I have a editor for articles and not for what I comment on.

  • EmpireSalvage

    up to about 40% of the staff will have to take a pay cut — source?
    Investors are skeptical — source?
    Some employees have stated that they’ll only be getting 60% of their actual paychecks — source?
    forced to bear it due to bad management — source?
    A lot of the staff wish they could get out — source?
    This is tragic and a not a few employees agree with me. — source?

    This “article” is atrocious. Opinions are not facts. Cite your sources.

    • Staff of Red 5 who are kind enough to write to me, they are also the reason why I knew about them finally getting paid before even Game informer, PC gamer and various other people wrote about it.

    • I should note that there is a thing called personal anonymity they wrote to me in strict confidence so I cannot list names and if you doubt the credibility considering how accurate the last articles we wrote about Red 5 are, that is your problem not ours.

  • the changes coming with 1.6 in addition to losing a large part of the already small playerbase also encinaram to players to never investing time or money in a flawed project that is heading towards a tragic end.
    the neglect with the current player base as well as the old playerbase, changes that player never wanted, being pushed on live, remind texts on “learn how to eat your vegetables?” who never learned unfortunately was the Red5

    • Here comes the airplane! *makes whooshing noises*
      Eat your broccoli you little shit!


    Before all the blame was Mark, Mark get out, Red5 continued sinking, we now know that it is the fault of poor management of Red5, 125 million investment thrown away in those five years. 1.6 probably will fail, are a couple of worst changes and will force more players quit and of course will come with more layoffs

    • Can’t disagree with the truth, its sad that the game is sinking due to poor management.

  • Ex-ARES

    every player Firefall know the R5 team’s arrogance has always been his destruction rather than amateurism and lack of capacity again with this version called 1.6 we see almost complete playerbase being against dozens of changes, some changes are refused by 90% of playerbase, but yet Red5 forcing players and pushing these changes unfortunately another shot in the foot, because we know that will fail again.