Nerd Editorial: Margot Robbie talks Suicide Squad

Margot Robbie while talking about her new movie coming out called “Focus”
the question was asked how she came into the role of becoming the worlds
infamous villain Harley Quinn.

Margot went onto say.
“I actually got offered this one, I didn’t audition, which is a real step up as an actor when you can get offered things,”
GalleryFuturesEnd_Wk2_1900x900_NSS-New3d-final02_B_5376398a95fed0.91943315So right from the get go they found her to be crazy enough to be the Jokers infamous sidekick in crazy. With Will Smith slated to play Dead Shoot one cannot help but wonder
if the Bats will show up at any more in time in the movie seeing as how the universe DC is building up takes place around the Batman vs Superman movie.

Margot also went onto say that the suicide squad is dark and gritty like the Dark Knight trilogy
and not as fantastic as the Avengers movie. Well from this DC fan I hope the movie they are making is going to be amazing and I personally can’t wait to see the twist they take on things.
Source: Batman News

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-Daniel Clatworthy-