Haven Editorial: Let’s Play: SlamScape

Slamscape [U] [SLUS-00080]-frontImagine being in a car crash. Imagine being taken to the hospital by the paramedics, through long corridors, elevators and faulty lighting. Then imagine having your eyes impaled and being stuffed into a virtual reality. Where your objective is to get the for Orbs as they are called. Four glowing bright balls must be collected to open the exit.

It’s highly recommended to find a copy of the manual, just to read the description of the dangers in the game. Such as the Umjella, a flying umbrella that shots bombs. Don’t ask me where I got this, I only know that I have a copy and its a very obscure game, with a faulty execution.


Giant enemy crab and weird multi-eyed missile creature.

The rest is a psycadellic mix of colors, beats and very little control. This game is someones demented pinball machine. On the flip side, it runs at 60 fps and is fast paced. The core mechanics are simple. There is boosting, breaking, shooting and being bounced back when hitting environmental objects, much like a pinball. Jumping is also very important. The biggest fault is the lack of a definite way to slide sideways. This is what makes the game very hard, aside from some very odd design decisions. On the original disc there was also several songs from the band “God lies underwater”. I can only assume they are the ones behind the score, since this was an MTV release. Rumor has it that the music television channel actually hosted music and put band names on the map. Though I wouldn’t know anything about that, since I don’t watch telly.

Regardless, everything in the game have a beat, and each health pickup that gathers in a tail behind the thing you control have it’s own sound. So not only do you shot and slam into things to escape, you’re also in a trippy beatbox. However I must admit that the score is good, especially since there are no lyrics.elephant-ball

Yes this is a bouncing ball of elephant feet.

Each level have a unique challenge that must be overcome to get the orb. Such as a rain cloud, a giant ball of fused elephant feet. Don’t ask difficult questions, it was probably made on acid. In this day and age players like a good challenge and trying obscure retro titles. So here is one for all of you. This highly experimental game is more of a curio than anything else and is not recommended for sort tempered people and children. Or anyone with a chance of epilepsy.

Incidentally I made a let’s play of the game.

As always they can be found on our YouTube channel, by following the link below.

Njål Sand