Haven Editorial: Legendary Pokemon? For FREE?!

Hello fellow Pokémon trainers. I am here to remind you of the Nintendo distribution going on for those who play Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire. Everyone loves free Pokémon, especially legendaries! But hurry, you only have until March 2nd to claim your gift. What legendary you ask? It’s none other than one of the Eon Duo Pokémon!

During the gameplay, one of the two was given to you by Steven Stone (Latios in OR, Latias in AS). The only way to get the other one belonging to the duo is by catching it at the Southern Island. There is a catch to it though. We all know that the only way of accessing that island is by having the Eon Ticket which was distributed via Streetpass. Unfortunately, many got unlucky and never received their own copy of the ticket. Thus meaning that they can’t access the legendary Pokémon.

So Nintendo decided to allow everyone to have access to the sacred island! First, you must click on “Mystery Gift” from your main menu screen on your copy of either Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire. Then, select “Receive Gift”. Next, click on “Get With Code” which will require your 3DS/2DS to connect to the internet. For those of you in North America, the code you will enter is “2015LATIOSLATIAS”. For those in Europe, your code is “POKEMON380381”. After entering the code, you shall receive your very own Eon Ticket! Finally, just start up your game file and pick up your gift from the Delivery Girl in any Pokécenter.