Konami, the good, the bad, and the weird

Konami-slotKonami, the good, the bad, or In recent or by now not so recent news, Konami has been slipping. As a lot of familiar faces in the industry has been sacked or left. Kojimans name recognition removed from Metal gear solid phantom pain and the release of a Silent hill pachinko machine. It is essential a one armed bandit slot machine, that commits daylight robbery. Sure I know that gambling rakes in big money, but this is just stupid. Is that what Silent hill P.T stood for, before it was deleted from Playsation network. Pachinko time?

Quite frankly the idea of a money sink version of Silent hill sucks, however the series have been bad since the fifth installment. Though it should be noted that the thought of putting up a slot machine has humored me. However those are more or less illegal in Norway. But if I look at it from a money standpoint, it’s a brilliant idea. Even if it is a cheap cash-out.

Allegations claims that Konami is also a terrible company to work for. A report says that they use surveillance cameras everywhere. Shifts the staff around on a weekly rotation and demotes employees that has outlived their usefulness to toilet duty. The thing I find odd about this is way of running a business seems very counter intuitive, since in my opinion most Japanese people will give you an honest day of work, with little or no talk about vacation. But then again this is just an allegation.

Regardless of this, I decided to take some time to reflect on something positive and worthwhile in regards to Konami. Here is a Let’s play I made of the game Gungage. After all Konami has a quite decent library of games. This video explains it a lot better than I could.

Gungage an action packed thrill ride in every sense of the word. Fast paced, with guns, flashy abilities, fancy special effects, big badass bosses and a miniscule plot. Pure arcade fun, only on the Playsation.

Also the trailer for Pachinko, watch it and weep. Now you Know and that is half the battle.


Njål Sand