Otaku Review: J-LIST snack subscription: May

DSC_0030Hello everyone! We are back with another J-list snack subscription breaking it down for you the snacks from the month of May, Now I know what you are thinking and its the middle of June. We didn’t get the snack subscription for about a week and then well we just plain forgot. To hit the publish button on this article! But without any further slacking on our part.
Here is the Husband and wife take on our thoughts for this months snack subscription!










Daniel: You can smell a hint of soy sauce followed by a quick extreme burning that left me shouting. Oh God why make it stop make it stop!
Gelly: You can smell the soy sauce and it does have a very spicy kick at the start. Quite chewy, and its kinda like stir fry that has been sitting in the fridge for way to long.










Dan:It has a light chocolatey smell it doesn’t taste bad but its hard to define. Oh i got it! Its burnt popcorn! A Caramel burnt popcorn that you would get in those Christmas cans.
Gelly: Has a faint smell and tastes pretty different..











Dan: they smell nice, like green tea milk candy. Mine!! they are so amazing@ love the crunch. so good!! (Begins hording the bag from the wife.)
Gelly:Smells like green tea, looks green like green tea, tastes like green tea. I think I’ll let the dogs have a go at this. (They loved them.)










Dan: Smells like roses, tastes like rose scented soap; seriously people eat this?
Gelly: Smells like roses, incredibly sweet, tastes like roses but the taste is a bit overpowering










Dan: I like its light caramel flavor with a hint of milk smell. Its taste is chewy and kinda reminds me of Little Debbie coffee cakes you get at the grocery store.
Gelly: So doughy but smells nice. doesn’t taste much. It’s okay like eating chewy gingerbread dough.











Dan: Incredibly flavorful, I really like them its a shame though that they won’t last very long.
Gelly: smells nice, and tastes good as well! Very cotton candy like once you start chewing it.











Dan: tastes like an orange pixy stick, extremely chewy and just WOW the flavor is so intense like they compacted a hundred oranges into one piece of candy. I cannot stop drooling even if I wanted too.
Gelly: Don’t have much smell to them and the bag is incredibly small only a few
pieces came in it and its disappointing with how little is in the bag. But the taste is amazing
possibly one of the best candies I have ever had. I have a feeling this is going to lead to us fighting because we both love them.
Dan: Honestly, this was a amazing month for snack subscriptions and I really enjoyed all the candy that came in it. Minus the burnt popcorn because it was burnt popcorn. Seriously Japanese people actually enjoy this stuff?
Gelly: There was a lot of weird things in the bag and a lot different from last months but I really enjoyed the snacks that were in there.