Otaku Review: J-LIST Snack Subscription: July

This is it the last J-list snack subscription its been great and to be honest I loved a lot of the snacks in the package. My only regret is that we cannot get another to eat for a while. With that said lets jump right into the snackies that J-list has sent us!

DSC_0087Octo Snackies:
Daniel: They smelled like soy sauce but tasted like corn chips and to be honest I’m the only one eating them sense my wife is vegetarian and it has Octopus on the cover. She doesn’t want to take any chances with this so, more for me!

DSC_0094 Kelp Cheetos!
Daniel: Smells like a churro, and honestly not that bad for kelp flavored Cheetos.
Gelly: Doesn’t smell much and the taste is awful.

Gram Crackers
Daniel: Damn things taste like waffle crisp cereal I really love waffle crisp.
Gelly: Looks like donuts, guessing a chocolate flavor overall they are pretty nice.

Daniel: Smells like a pastery I got at my local super-market as a child, Now I miss publix..
Gelly: Smells like caramel; engage loathing and deep loathing for caramel.

Pineapple Bourbon:
Daniel: Smells like Burbon and pinaple but I feel cheated sense there is only one and were splitting it.
Gelly: IT IS SO FREAKING SQUISHY! A SQUISHY COOKIE! It tastes divine I wish there was more!

Daniel: Smells like soy sauce and has the texture of packing material, no seriously if you buy this it is like eating packing material.

Gelly: It looks like packing material and it smells of Sugar and caramel the taste is incredibly sweet also.

In conclusion the box was amazing and I really enjoyed it, as did the misses although for different reasons entirely. She is just happy she has Levi chopstick holders from Attack on Titan.

If you all are interested in Japanese snacks and have a taste for the strange and unusual foods from Asia then I recommend ordering a J-list snack subscription and enjoy they are worth it and are really cheap as well.

-Daniel Clatworthy-
Edit: If your wondering why their not properly tagged, well I lost the paper with all the products listed on it…