Otaku Review: J-LIST snack subscription: April

CIMG0948Hello everyone!

We recently got a snack subscription at J-LIST, from our friend in Japan!
So just a few days ago we got our first box of amazing treats! So exiting!

So now; Daniel and myself shall share our thoughts with you guys! Is the snack subscription worth it? You are about to find out!

Inside the box is not only a bunch of candies and snacks, but also a list of what is included in this box. Strait from the get go I am really excited about some of the snacks in here like the Waku Wake Easter Choco and my husband is excited about the Cratz and Green Tea Marshmallows.


He is amazed at just how many Japanese delights are in the one box, but he is a little sad that the box didn’t come with any J-list glasses. He really likes to dress up and pretend he is a sailor moon girl. At least he can wear the glasses, the bit I refuse to watch is him twirling a stick around and go; moon prism power!

But enough with small talk, you came here to read about candy! So here is our review on all the tasty snacks included in J-lists snack subscription for the month of April!


 First up; Waku Waku Easter Choco!

CIMG0956New CanvasCIMG0968

Gelly: These are so cute! And they come with adorable little stickers!

Dan: Looks like ordinary chocolate from the dollar store.

Gelly: Chocolate tastes just like that, chocolate. But the insides are fun! Yummy cute, little, crispy and sweet surprises!

Dan: It tastes like smarties.

Gelly: I love these.

Dan: I was surprised of the little candies inside. Very Kawaii!


 Second treat was the Oyatsu Wakame!


Dan: What am I looking at? Worms?

Gelly: Cute packaging. But I am a little afraid to eat this…. it looks like sea weed.

Dan: Salty. It’s like sushi, minus the fish.

Gelly: Ew, it is sea weed. Nasty.

Dan: Was ok.

Gelly: So, packaging adorable. But content….not so much.


 Puru Mocchi Peach Candy


Gelly: So cute. They look like little Turkish Delights!

Dan: I wonder what that cube with the bottle means for this one.

Gelly: They are so squishy! They have a sweet but mild peachy flavor.

Dan: Taste like water flavoring.

Gelly: Very cute and soft candy.

Dan: Peachy. Makes me think of spring.


 Green Tea Marshmallow

CIMG0958 CIMG0981 CIMG0980

Dan: I’m so exited! Tea tea tea!

Gelly: I’m scared. I don’t like tea.

Dan: Tastes like green squishy tea! Yummy! I wanna make hot cocoa with these in it now!

Gelly: I love how squishy and adorable they are. But I don’t like the flavor.

Dan: I love them!



Roasted Mix Spicy Almond


Dan: You look delicious I am going to put you in my tummy.

Gelly: There’s a beer on the pack. Don’t like beer. Or nuts.

Dan: They are amazing! love them. I want more! All for me!

Gelly: The bacon smell is quite strong. I’ll pass on this one.

Dan: *Crunch crunch* I want a beer now!

Gelly: You don’t like beer…



Peanut Pocky Nutcream


Dan: How popular are peanuts in Japan?

Gelly: The box is so cute. But I don’t like peanuts, the food kind at least.

Dan: I like them! They taste like reeses peanutbutter cups, but minus the chocolate.

Gelly: Smells just like a bag of salted peanuts. And tastes just like that too.

Dan: This is so tasty.

Gelly: Very cute. And perfect for anyone loving Pocky and peanuts.



Platinum Stick Mix Flavor


Dan: The packaging feels so light, holy crap what did they send us air?

Gelly: They look fancy.

Dan: The shrimp and chili one is good. It has a flavor of sweet chili. The shrimp after taste is not so good tough.

Gelly: I’ll pass on the shrimp one. The mozzarella and tomato one smells funky, dont like it. Not the taste either.

Dan: Its smells like mozzarella, i like it!

Gelly: The last one is a pasta flavored one. Smells really nice, but this one does not taste good either.

Dan: You can taste the olives, but also the basil. I like it!


Overall this was a fun experience!

Not much for me in the goodie bag this month, but maybe next. Daniel loved it tough.

It’s a very fun subscription to get. You never know what you will receive in snacks, and its always fun waiting for awesome stuff in the mail!


Hope you enjoyed,


  • eenmm

    Hei kult dere prøver snop !
    No e mongo telefonen min inne. Så fikk ennongo låne tlf. Sikkert brukt 5 minutterno på å skrive dette.
    Eg har ikke tlf ditt. Sender du melding?

    • sorry it took so long to get back, yea the candy is amazing and totally worth checking out!