Haven Review: Mini Planet Run

Do you remember reading “The Little Prince” back in Sophomore English? As I remember, it was melancholy and inspirational at the same time. Well, here we have a game that may perhaps evoke the same for you.

3_RunMini Planet Run is a game for mobile platforms that features a humanoid running on a tiny, planet-shaped treadmill. As the planet spins, you encounter obstacles. Trees, rocks, logs and bushes suddenly appear and you must either jump or duck to clear them. As you dodge the impediments, little cherries pop in for you to collect and advance your character.

Eventually, you will make it far enough into the game so as to unlock new humanoids and compete for a place on the “global” leader boards. This represents the inspirational aspect of the game. The melancholy part is that the environs never really change.  Endless running may appeal to someone with a Sisyphus complex, but will otherwise tire even the most experienced players of the genre.

So what could we suggest for Mini Planet Run‘s future add-on content? We needn’t look any further than to Monsieur Saint-Exupéry himself…perhaps all we need are some Wind, Sand and Stars.

-Chris Roberts-