Haven Editorial: Hitchhiking in Grand Theft Auto V

I read a article on PC gamer earlier today of them trying to get from one place to another.
In Grand Theft Auto V by hitching a ride. Put simply they waited for someone to get close and
asked for a ride to the beach so I figured this seems like a fun idea so I wanted to give it a try.
My journey started out by eclipse towers up on the hill and I started walking to the ocean when I was already stopped thinking is this it? 2015-07-25_00018Am I already going to get my ride to the ocean by a player that had appeared beside me? Not really he spawned 600k and when I asked for a ride to the ocean he spawned a tank for me to drive in and as I drove random people in jets were trying to blow me up.

So I tried a new session and tried the whole experience over again and what happened was simply boring as all hell. As I left on my journey I encountered no one I stopped at the Ammunation and store just for some casual supplies such as a body armor and well apparently I didn’t really need anything at the store so I just hung out for a bit hoping someone would come around.

On the walk I did encounter a hobo sleeping by 2015-07-25_00015some tree’s on the way to the beach although this is near the end and when I walked on top of him dust flew off everywhere and he stood up revealing a huge puddle of blood in his wake.

This went on for a while and long story short if you simply just walk from Eclipse towers to the beach it will take you about forty to forty-five minutes and that is with stopping without probably a minute or two sooner. Honestly it was the most boring trip humanly possible and when I finally got to the beach someone showed up and actually give me a lift back to the Ammunation just to see if they would drive me somewhere.

2015-07-25_00021So in conclusion just like PC gamers article if you are trying to get from one place to another and you want to waste your time and maybe have some fun along the way try hitchhiking in Grand Theft Auto V you will probably be bored silly but its a good time kill.

-Daniel Clatworthy-