Haven Reviews: Starcraft 2 Nova Covert ops

Haven Reviews: Starcraft 2 Nova Covert ops

Screenshot2016-08-07 15_43_05 I’m a bit of a Starcraft fan, but a terribly mediocre player of said game series, too much micromanaging. I’ve always been more found of the Command and conquer sidebar. If I have to research, track down the building and click on it, need units? Find the bloody barracks. Also let’s face it; the first Starcraft game has a good story, but a terrible executed campaign. Keep in mind this is just my opinion. Never the less I’m here to talk about Nova.

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She is a ghost, a telegraphically gifted human that goes bump in the night. Her main job is to be a special operative for the Dominion and she is damn good at her job, until she got captured and mind wiped. Yes this is a bit of a cliché way to start a story, however this does not take long to rectify; after all there are only 9 missions or so, where the last three will be released in December. It is very clear that they are going with a more modern and streamlined approach. Since the first mission even has health pickups. People who hardly react to the man next to em getting his neck snapped. Screenshot2016-08-09 00_18_26A highway chase sequence. On top of that a bossbattle when she reach the end of the road. This scene is not very fun and a has a wonky implementation, still an interesting hurdle to pass. All the other missions however are much more traditional, with base building. Where nukes will be auto made and Nova can’t die as long as her command center is alive. During the missions a lot of extra abilities for units can be unlocked. Such as siege tank jump jets,  for those that likes to get around and permanent cloaking for Banshees. Most of the armory makes it into the game and spider mines are back. These self propelled buggers can be deployed from many of the units. Nova herself can also get a lot of gear, such as a shotgun, grenades, a crummy blade and a jump jet suit. A lot of these are unlocked when doing the extra objectives on the map.Screenshot2016-08-09 00_21_00
Since this is Starcraft, the missions also comes with achievements and several difficulties and a simple but intriguing story. Which unfortunately I have heard before, though it is well crafted. One thing of note, it’s a bit on the easy side difficulty wise, due to Novas sniper shot. An ability that renders even a Protos carrier to shreds in seconds and her insane energy recharge rate.

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The music is overly dramatic indeed and have some choir in the background at times. Not a terribly interesting or memorable soundtrack. The graphics and gameplay of Nova Covert ops is nice and well thought out and can be a challenge. Re-playability comes from getting various achievements in game and I can truly say I actually enjoyed these missions, though the wait for part three is very annoying. Pesky cliffhangers. The only exception is the stupid highway chase.

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Ghosts in Starcraft are a weird lot. Take Kerrigan for example, she is one of the strongest Terran telepathically gifted. Yet she has no special abilities in-game, same goes for Nova. Lockdown and EMP does not count. Since both of those effects are provided by special ammunition. If the excuse is neural implants to diminish the power, then why did the make the statement in the first place? Informed abilities that never comes into play are boring. Especially in a strategy game with special units. Probably why some consider humans to be the ones with least psionic potential in the universe. So many neural inhibitors.

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Disclaimer:  We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

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