Haven Reviews: Owlboy

Haven Reviews: Owlboy20161030233831_1

Owlboy is a fantastically sculpted game that took a very long time to complete. For once it was worth the wait. The game follows the story of the mute Otus, a boy been berated by his terrible mentor all his life. Not that it stops the boy from becoming a hero, when the wicked pirates attack. Along for the ride Otus gain several faithful companions. These delightfully colorful creatures are carried around by him.

But I can teleport them to my current location at any time. Naturally these characters I can also use to solve puzzles and bypass certain obstacles, due to their unique abilities. They can also be hurled into walls and its very enjoyable to see them slide down the surface.


That being said, I found the start of Owlboy incredibly taxing, but that was mostly due to how terrible of a person Otus mentor is. It does not makes the story bad, I just want to shot the bastard. Story wise the game is well told and have some really nicely drawn cutscenes. Which can be skipped. This is a very good thing, since bosses does exist. Especially the giant mosquitos comes to mind. Since I actually died to them at least once. The controls works quite well and are very intuitive to use.


The game is not very hard, but it can still be a challenge. Where restarting is quite fast and painless.

Aside from a strew of Steam achievements, there are also an assortment of coins hidden in various maps, which unlocks nifty upgrades and some silly dialogue. Plus some conveniently hidden lore, that can be found here and there. Naturally I had some issues actually finding all of them, Since various abilities and a lot of exploring was required.


Graphically the game looks visually stunning and each sprite is well drawn and animated. Though I have to wonder why the logo on the main menu is rendered different style, then rest of the game. It’s quite incredible how much feelings the sprites on the screen can show.


While fun and all, at times during boss fights and such the flying feels a little floaty. There is also the thing where the camera stops panning until you move on the next screen is a bit jarring. Not to mention having the screen flash during certain attack animations.


The music also very good and the same goes for the sound effects. Naturally the soundtrack can be bought seperatly, which is a very good thing, as some songs are worth listening to.


Keep in mind though, that Owlboy is a platform game, with flying and object lifting. I enjoy it quite much indeed. Not every one will, unfortunately

Disclaimer:  We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this.


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