Haven Reviews: No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky


Space the final frontier, a perilous place of adventure, death and despair. As a weary traveler I know this well. I was heading for the local space station, when a pack of pirates warped in and opened fire. A thing I was woefully unprepared for, if the pirate was alone I could have turned him into space dust. However when a pack of five vultures circles around my position there is not much I can do but run. Run into the ground engines and hull blazing, while bracing for impact. Eventually I crashed into a nearby planet. 20160813235626_1

No man’s sky
Every one wanted it, many loves it and some loath it. While some of the fanbase are a rabid pack of deluded fools, that thinks hatred, death threats and borderline terrorism is okay. I can truly say I’m not one of those. I’m here to provide you with an honest opinion of a game I quite much enjoy. Despite a ton of flaws that a good patch can fix.


Most of us are familiar with exploration games these days, especially after a certain block stacking game from Sweden became popular. Tough so far I’ve yet to build anything but upgrades. Which is one of the major mechanics of No man’s sky, aside from resource gathering and exploring. In the midst of collecting materials, there is a plot that slowly unravels as the galactic core calls. Apparently the player is part of a long plan in the making, a plan of galactic proportions. I just hope the thing in the middle is not known as Steve.


As I kept warping through deceptively small solar systems, I dropped by some planets. To chat with the locals, get some sweet upgrades and ogle the local wildlife. Slowly but surely I started to unlock the language of the locals. There is only so many grunts I can decipher.


Tips for players
Grenade launcher is the only weapon you’ll ever need. It makes caves, it kills sentinels and can even collect resources. Almost everything can be blown up and it even works underwater.

Scan everything, plants, animals, rock formations and everything else of interest. These can be uploaded and will earn any player a quick buck.

Aside from plot related recipes, everything else that is unlockable is random. Such as Atlas V2 and 3 cards.

Never the less there is an elephant in the room, that needs to be addressed. The framerate is poor and there is a lot of stuttering.
The idea of holding down key to interact with the menu is not good design, It is slow, tedious and obtrusive.
There needs to be more variations in outpost and places to visit planet side. Not to mention more population.
Some settings will require a restart, that is well and all. But there is a damn long loading screen of sorts every time I start up No man’s sky.
Flying things are almost impossible to scan, unless you shoot them down.


Aside from these issues it is a fairly decent game, that is recommended for people that like exploring and some combat every now and then. I certainly enjoy it despite it’s very apparent flaws and the assholes within the fan base.


Disclaimer:  We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

Njål H Sand