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The sky is the limit and quantum murder, death, suicide among the clouds is a thing. Welcome lost one to the cloud city of Columbia, a high flying city held aloft with balloons, jet engines and science! The city is an overly religious utopia of sorts, where the common white folks can enjoy a carefree and most tranquil experience.  Be part of a gripping story of revenge, racism and choice, with about the same amount of twist and turns as a gnarly root.

The height of swimwear fashion

Bioshock Infinite is a beautifully crafted and designed would with a fantastic setting, despite taking place during a time in American history where Christianity, slavery and racism ran rampant. One would be crazy to assume that big skyscrapers and insanely tall statues could be held up by a balloon though, which places the game purely in science fantasy territory. As this game is a first person shooter with infinite lives, most people know how it controls. So instead I will talk about the unique features that makes this a very fun and quite entertaining indeed. There is only so much I can say about guns that shoots bullets.

Murder of crows and machinegun!
Murder of crows and machinegun!

During the game several fancy spells are put in bottles to drink, tonics such as provides combat oriented abilities. Such as a murder of ravenous ravens. Putting people on fire, electrocution and much, much more.

American history X!

One of the spells allow the player to extort money from vending machines, make enemies temporary allies or taking over turrets. All spells has a price to pay to prevent them from being overpowered and too abusable.

These racist bastards are not my kind of people!

Which means that salt usually comes in a very limited quantity and the number of times a spell can be cast can be upgraded.  Another entertaining and fun feature is the grapple thing, that also work as a melee weapon, by aiming at a point it can be used, the characters does a mighty leap in order to latch on. Mostly hooks and the roller coaster like cable car system. This rail riding system is both fun and different, however I do wonder how inhumanely strong his arm is, since the hero can do this over and over again. With a woman tagging along. The person known as Elisabeth is also one of the most praised and noticeable addition to Bioshock Infinite. Who is your grandfather?This fine lady is a woman of great power and personality. Aside from pointing out finer details and actually have a personality, she will give me supplies during combat. Even though the death penalty is loss of money, the game can be quite hard, so her ability to find extra ammo in combat is very useful. At certain points in the game she can also interact with the environment, bringing new strategic objects into existence. It’s quite interesting to see a female character getting so much attention in a first person shooter with a gruff white man in the main protagonist role.

Elisabeth, the blue eyed quantum woman!

Most of the music is themed to fit the period, which can be both a good thing and a very bad thing. It depends entirely on taste, a purely individual thing. Earlier I mention that everything looks gorgeous, which is true. However the almost comic book like and bright style can be a bit of-putting for some people, then again if you consider acquiring Bioshock Infinite, the concept or realism is not something you are after in a game. The most negative thing I can state about the game is the various small bugs that sometimes prevents player progression, fortunately such things happens rarely and there are more than enough checkpoints to revert to if a bug should strike. I would highly recommend this game and these days it will be on sale somewhere eventually. Be mindful of blood and decapitations, some folks are a bit squeamish about such things.


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Lastly is our disclaimer. We received this game for review purposes only, and as such all opinions in this review are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

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