Haven Reviews: Beeftacular

20160913175733_1Haven reviews: Beeftacular

A bloody piece of meat, armed with three harpoons and a sword, has to kill several rotten targets within ten seconds or less. More meat for the meat grinder and probably not affiliated with another hardcore piece of meat. 20160913173316_1

First of this game is fast, kinda hard and should defiantly be played with a controller, each stage is done lightning fast and the controls are very precise and highly responsive. The graphics are very simple and does the job well, even if it is on the simple side and could use some more variation. The screen has a CRT monitor like filter on top. Each time I hit an edge or spikes with my body a meaty blood splatter occurs, these stay persistent until the level is done. Beeftacular is deceptively easy to play, but frustratingly hard to complete. Luckily for me there is virtually no loading time and restarting is instant. The meat block in question can chuck three harpoons, cut things with a melee attack, wall jump and double jump. That’s about all there is to it. But it works. 20160913173418_1To top it all of there are a great deal of customization to be had and a fairly level editor, for people whom like to make unfair levels. The kind you share with friends you don’t like, whom never backs down from a legit challenge. Aside from that a speedrun option is unlocked after getting through the game.


There are very few sound effects. Each time the fleshy thing hits a surface or something dies, there is an impact sound. Aside from that the music is quite good and very, very catchy. Over all there is not much more to say about Beedftacular. It is what it is, a small and fast game, with almost no room for failure or deviation. Naturally this makes it a hard game to grind achievements in, since it actually require some investment and a patience. 20160913173313_1Get ready to die a lot and get very, very frustrated. This game is not recommended for people whom might enjoy a chill and relaxed experience. Over all I found it enjoyable and got quite a decent amount of play time and enjoyment out of it. Keep in mind, Beeftacular does not have a deep story, nor does it have any profound messages to share. It’s a game, where each level has a goal and it works.


Disclaimer:  We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

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