Haven Reviews: Angels With Scaly Wings

Haven Reviews: Angels with scaly wings    

First contact was a rather unexpected event. It all happened when a portal was found and it led into a world of dragons. The player character is an ambassador for mankind, sent through the portal to establish public relations. However it turns out that the other human whom went through is a rather flaky man with a gun. Which makes him the natural suspect, when a local green dragon is brutally murdered.

Angels with Scaly wings is a visual novel. Which means that it is saturated with a lot of the usual tropes and issues I have with the design. Luckily the game have some elements that spices things up a bit. Such as the crime investigation and a multitude of choices. Not to mention the dating elements. It’s much like a book, with images of the characters interactions. Some animations and varying levels of scenery.

Which brings me to a very puzzling thing about the way the world is made. Most of the locations makes no sense when some dragons are quadruped, while the others looks more like dinosaurs and they all sports tails. My inner designer tells me that the city pays no heed to the way dragons work. I’d assume that doors would be wider and most furniture would be pillows. Not comfy chairs with a back rest. There is a reason the term, loose  wild rhino in a porcelain shop exists. Graphically the game sports some well made environment, which mixes between 3d and hand drawn. A fairly decent job has been done to differentiate the dragons from each other. They also looks rather nice.

Personally I play games to have fun and to enjoy the interactivity and if I want to reed a book, I’ll do just that. But that is just my personal opinion.  That being said 2002 calls, it want’s it’s resolution back. When set to windowed there should be more options to pick from. What I do like is that text speed can be set to instant and the very enjoyable background music. Another very good thing about angels with scaly wings is the story. It’s fairly entertaining, if a bit wordy at times. Relying heavily on tell don’t show. However it can be fully navigated with a keyboard. Plus the world is for the most part well crafted. What I did find a bit brilliant is that when a choice has been made and the outcome is dramatic. Then quick loading will not work to change the outcome.

Due to the numerous characters that inhabit the world of Angels with scaly wings, there are several ways the story can go. Leading to multiple resolutions and radically different events. That being said, there is a lot of character death and blood.







Disclaimer:  We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this.

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