Haven Review: World of Final Fantasy

It’s chibi, its adorable, and its a Final Fantasy title! Wait, what?
That’s right World of Final Fantasy takes all the things you love from being a ridiculous internet dork and amplifies it mixed with that bit of Square-Enix!

Like equipping hats, and then hats on top of those hats and so on! Now I got to say that this is one of the most random Final Fantasy titles I have played to date and I have found it incredible enjoying from casually hanging out with Cloud and Squall to just walking down the road.

I found even the combat ridiculous as I spent hours giggling away uncontrollably at what was going on. Now despite all this Square-Enix does everything justice as the title is pretty fun and really easy to get into for old and new fans a like and playing it feels more light hearted than other titles with Final Fantasy in the name.

Even the music for the game is on point and remains one of the main strong points for the game franchise they have. Both subtle and elegant with enough energy in it to keep a player both excited and at ease with everything going on through the game.

The controls are fairly straight forward as well nothing really that stands out there even in a new title the controls almost never change when it comes to the series.

Despite the few people that are butt-hurt over the fact that Square-Enix has been using chibi’s in a few Final Fantasy related titles the games have been increasingly popular even despite some peoples negative receptions and to be fair I can see both points and arguments. I just find the enjoy-ability of the chibi’s to much fun to pass up and think it brings a interesting and fun look to the series that has gotten known for how dead serious it was all the time.

Now design wise for the game its just like any other Final Fantasy bad things happen, gotta stop bad thing. I simplify it in that sense because the game is so light-hearted might as well stick with that tone for the review. So fight monsters, save the day and make a few new friends that will vanish as soon as you turn off the game console.

I know the sad reality of being a gamer is grim. But hey think of the upside you can always start a new game and do it all over again and again, and even again if you want!

Conclusion though if you enjoy something silly, fun loving, and light hearted in a RPG and also have a deep love for Final Fantasy or you just want to get into the series and not take it as serious as the other titles in the Franchise are then this is the best title for you to pick up and play and suitable for everyone in the family even a kid! Keep out of reach of toddlers though, they tend to drool on the controller….

-Daniel Clatworthy