Haven Review: Way of the Samurai 4

First up is our disclaimer.  We received this software for review purposes only, and as such all opinions in this article are our own. We have not been paid in any way to review this product.

Ever watch Rurouni Kenshin? (Samurai X) the story about Himura the Battousai is a ronin who travels around helping people with his unique fighting style. This game is nothing like that although you can make yourself look at Kenshin.

The story starts out with you disembarking from a tiny row boat only to find the place where you moored your boat has a fight breaking out between some Europeans and group that hates Europeans and also some local officials. Right from the start you have to pick a side but don’t worry you can apologize about it later if you think you choose wrong!2015-07-29_00002

Once the game starts it gives you a in game tutorial on how to draw your sword and kick a lot of ass by slicing people into pieces! You can even reverse your sword and not kill people just like Himura but tragically this won’t beat everyone so you actually still need to kill people.

Which kinda makes me a little bummed out I want to play through the game not having to kill anyone kinda like Deus Ex but its just not possible.

Now as you progress through the game you can slaughter random citizens for fun or traveling Samurai and other Ronin however if you get caught you are sent to prison. But don’t worry, even prison is amazing in this game as you get tortured by the emperors daughters for their and your sexual arousal.2015-07-28_00006  I am not joking when this happened my jaw dropped and my wife began to laugh hysterically. I was not expecting this and it even got stranger from there when I found out you can have a lot of one night stands with Geisha’s and other women in the game.

An the game isn’t even picky on the people you can seduce you can literally sleep with some guys wife, a elderly grandma and all the young girls and whores you want. 2015-07-28_00003It even keeps track of the people you have slept with and tells you their blood type!

Overall the game is a port from its PlayStation 3 counterpart from a little while back but that doesn’t mean it has lost its charm if anything having it on the PC (Steam) just gives a whole new reason for people to play it. Ultimately it is a very enjoyable title and I had a lot of fun playing it despite how awkward it made things for me at times.

-Daniel Clatworthy-